Global histories are quite incomplete without the famed Berlin Wall. For some, it is a kind of a historical landmark in Germany that millions of tourists the world over should learn and appreciate instead of perceiving it as a nightmare most specially for those youths of today who are not so familiar about its pivotal role in world history. Based on the vivid recollections of Christian Heinz who had fruitfully spent his childhood days at the back of the notorious Berlin Wall, had said that he used to play soccer with the rest of his neighbors in those dark and trying days in Germany. He humbly said.

It wasn’t something to be afraid of. If you were lost, you could just go to the wall, take a left, and you’d be at the next bus or underground station. The separation of Germany wasn’t my problem. It was a feeling of pessimism. You felt sorry for yourself that you couldn’t climb over the wall, touch the wall or go over to the other side. When you left the house, there was a policeman there guarding the wall and secret service police going up and down. My father was in Sweden, and I couldn’t visit him.

Today, marks the 25th anniversary of Berlin Wall's historic fall.

Today, marks the 25th anniversary of Berlin Wall’s historic fall.

Today, marks the silver anniversary of the historic Fall of Berlin Wall. In celebration of this momentous occasion, Berlin has commissioned a light installation ceremony which was spearheaded by German artists Christopher and Marc Bauder. In the same manner, it had beautifully included 8,000 illuminated balloons which had attractively strung the 90-mile wall as well as the other fortifications which had gloriously encircled the other Western sections of the city from 1961-1989. This had lasted until the communist stronghold of East Germany gladly collapsed during the so-called Cold War Era. In commemoration of this greatest achievement of Germany, hundreds of thousands of tourists have taken the time and pleasure to personally have a glimpse of those landmarks which were previously known as East Berlin. Some had lovingly offered some flowers on the cracked and broken parts of the wall.

Later in the day, those meaningful and colorful balloons were released while the Berlin State Opera had emotionally played Beethoven’s Ode to Joy courtesy of Symphony No.9. This was deliberately done to nostalgically remember how those patriotic Germans had pounded and chiseled the wall with all their might and burning patriotism. Historically, Berlin Wall was purposely built by East German authorities alongside with their ally, which was no other than but the Soviet Union to show a domineering type of national divisiveness. Thus, it was a shored for several years while those tyrannic authorities in East Germany had malevolently punished those who attempted to leave the country. In retrospect, there were a total of 136 people who were mercilessly killed because they were trying to make a dangerous crossover to West Germany.

During the 1980’s the overpowering dominance of the Wall had been numbered. This had all happened when former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev had finally allowed some communist countries to ease up the friction with East Germany. Remarkably, his Glasnost or openness policy had paved the way for East Germany to permit Czechs and Polish to peacefully emigrate to the West through its own territorial jurisdiction in September of 1989. From these catalytic chain of events, the unperturbed Berlin Wall had slowly fallen like a withered leaf.

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