The unceasing evolution of mobile communications has made everything so swift and convenient across the globe. Needless to say, it has gone through a lot of leaps and bounds when it comes to their models usage, prices and availability. As the multi-billion dollar industry of mobile communications finds other unique ways to be versatile at all times, the world-renowned Apple Company remains to be a pioneer in the world of mobile phones. The newest and most exceptional flagship of Apple which is the full-powered IPhone 6 is amazing inside and out. Interestingly, it has more power and is creatively made with a much bigger screen. As far as the IPhone 6 prices and IPhone 6 availability are concerned; most specifically in the US and the Philippines let us discover and unravel them in stride. Initially, this latest techie gadget in town which is simply dubbed as IPhone 6 has a 47-inch screen, remarkable AB brain, an IOS 8, NFC and a much longer battery battery life which could make your phone like a chatterbox day in and day out.

Ultimately, IPhone 6 has an all-metal rear finish which is very similar to the old school phones of HTC Likewise, it has those sexy and alluring curved edges on its front and back panels. Imaginatively, if you want to hold the phone in your wildest dreams you need not to worry about a single thing. Impressively, it has a smooth and clear finish from top to bottom. These sophisticated curves will make every user so comfortable, as if you are holding nothing at all. Thickness wise, it approximately measures about 6.9 mm. On the contrary, its camera does not protrude from the case of the mobile phone which makes it less-appealing in a way. Generally, its screen resolution is the unparalleled with its326ppi.

The unquestionable beauty and efficiency of IPhone 6 makes it a stand out among the rest.

The unquestionable beauty and efficiency of IPhone 6 makes it a stand out among the rest.

IPhone 6 Multi-Functional Camera

This very interesting mobile phone review about the IPhone 6 will slightly touch on its highly innovative camera. To date, it has an excellent lens, a fast imaging process with a 14-GHz processor, it has a total of 15 microns which allows users to enjoy them to the hilt because these are much bigger than that of an HTC or even an LG. Amazingly, it is much faster than the usual use contrast. Additionally, the said camera is too user friendly in the real sense of the word. There is no white balance to be adjusted. Moreover, its video capability and resolution is so perfect in every way. It has an incomparable HD filming at 60 frames per second.

Best Features:

IPhone 6 has a new hardware, that is more powerful and dynamic at the same time. Moreover, it has an updated iOS 8. Therefore its games are more entertaining than ever before. Did you know that IPhone 6 can function as contactless credit card? This is due to the fact that it has an Apple Pay software which has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and an NFC chip that is built-in inside the phone. Last but not the least, its Messenger’s apps allows you to send voice files, photos and videos at a touch of a button.

IPhone 6 Prices and IPhone 6 Availability

Of course, every mobile phone user wants to know about the IPhone 6 prices and IPhone 6 availability. In a rundown, the IPhone 6 prices and IPhone 6 availability vary from one country to another. In the Philippines, it has a shocking price tag of 117, 585. This nerve-wrecking price tag can be found in Lazada Philippines. On the other hand, Lazada Philippines also offers the product for as low as Php 84,420 and Php 38,000 respectively. The Widget sells it at Php 52,500. All of these IPhone 6 prices depend on the GB that you have chosen. For the lowest GB, an IPhone 6 is priced at Php 38,199 and the highest retail tag is at Php 49, 599. This particular model of the IPhone has a total GB of 128. This is available at Guestmate. For more details about their exact location, Google will do the job for you.

In the US, a stylish IPhone 6 is priced at $199.00 and $299 respectively. As for the different stores in the United States, you can buy a techie IPhone 6 at the Sprint Corporation in Manhattan, New York and at AT&T at 46th Street and Madison Avenue. In the same manner, you can also purchase the resounding technological innovation of IPhone 6 at Verizon Store in New York. But, you must wait for just a few days because they are all of stock as of these writing. That is why, the IPhone 6 prices and IPhone 6 availability are really unpredictable due to its highest demand ever in the history of mobile phones worldwide.

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