There are lots of veggies that have been discovered to be as nutritious as those fruits that we usually eat everyday. Categorically, the white-colored potatoes are one of the most controversial ones because of their unrivaled health benefits. However, there are some health pessimists who have unfairly claimed that they do not have much health advantages as compared to those other vegetables which had been subjected to critical research studies ever since the dawn of organically-produced vegetables had entered the world of health and nutrition Speaking of organic potatoes, they are being grown and cultivated in good soil. Therefore, these kinds of healthy consumables must be prepared and cooked in the proper way. According to nutritionists, a potato can be baked and boiled so that the health benefits of potatoes will be exceptionally retained and absorbed simultaneously.

These organically-grown potatoes are rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients.

These organically-grown potatoes are rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients.

Health Benefits of Potatoes

Some of the known nutritional values of potatoes are enumerated below:

  • They are superbly rich in Vitamin C.- To date, there are some foreign explorers who had brought these from South America to Europe for the prevention of scurvy. The nutritional contents of this vegetable include: The necessary Recommended Daily Intake of the said vitamin, to keep us going everyday. Comparatively, the baked variety has 48 percent of RDI. In essence, these vegetables are really one-of-a kind.
  • It has lots of phytochemicals- After examining 100 commercially-produced potatoes, they have been discovered to contain 60 kinds of phytochemicals. Apart from these, every serving of this root crop contains chlorogenic acid and kukoamines. The latter is believed to be effective in curing hypertension.
  • Potent Source of Iodine- Baked potatoes are abundantly rich in iodine. Recent researches have significantly shown that they have almost 40 percent of its Recommended Daily Intake.
  • Every potato that you eat, is oozing with Vitamin B6, potassium, soluble and insoluble fiber and micro-mineral magnesium.

These magnificent health benefits of potatoes are consciously taken for granted by most of us. Nevertheless, we must modify our conventions of the way we eat to make our lives more productive and happy without compromises.

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