The timeless legacy of any sport legend is highly priced. Peyton Manning is adjudged as a touchdown genius of the National Football League. He is a certified Denver Broncos quarterback who despite of his age, remains to be one of the best football players in sports history. To make this unforgettable feat a sweet reality, he magically threw his 509th touchdown last night against another crowd drawer which was the SF 49ers no more, no less. Therefore, Peyton was able to break the unmatched record of Brett Favres. Thus, the said touchdown went to another fantabulous receiver. Demaryius Thomas.

NFL legend Perry Manning had landed his record-breaking 509th touchdown last Sunday.

NFL legend Perry Manning had landed his record-breaking 509th touchdown last Sunday.

In effect, it paved the way for the Denver Broncos to have a rousing 21-3 leverage. Best of all, his ever-dynamic pass-catchers in the likes of Emmanuel Sanders, Thomas, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas respectively had done their own share to help Manning reach the skies. Above anything else, the momentous touchdown has made him an exclusive member of the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. During that adrenaline-pumping game, Peyton Manning was mobbed in the sidelines. Sweetly, he got a heartwarming hug from their dynamic coach John Fox. In lieu of his biggest achievement in his fruitful career, it all tearfully began with these moving words of inspiration.

Broncos fans, you have just witnessed history.

This was excitedly uttered by Alan Roach, a world-renowned football public announcer. Peyton Manning was born on March 24, 1976. In his illustrious stint with the National Football League, he became the league’s Most Valuable Player for five long years. He is the proud son of a former NFL icon, Archie Manning. He first played his favorite sport during his early days at the University of Tennessee. He led the Volunteers for the 2007 SEC Championship. More so, he was widely acknowledged by other NFL Greats when he deservingly got included in the awesome draft of 1998 NFL Draft.

Without saying a word, he gave the Colts a total of eight division championships. Apart from these unthinkable career benchmarks, Peyton Manning has remarkably made a total of 4,000 yard passing in several seasons, ever since he discovered his football prowess at a very young age. However, in 2011 trials had come her way which perhaps led to his early and optional retirement. He underwent a critical surgery in that same year. It was in May 2011 where he had a neck operation to finally resolve the weakening syndrome of his arms.

Consequently, he was not able to play for the entire season to make him recover from the most painful setback of his lifetime. As expected, he did. From then on, he never allowed his physical liability to get in the way of what Peyton Manning knows about being on the top of the world.

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