The final episode of the Legal Wife has drawn mixed reactions from its millions of fans. Before going any further, its main plot has always been intriguing and yet extremely predictable at times. However, this top-rating television series has created so much domino effect most specially on the part of legal wives. To begin with, a few moments prior to the airing of its final chapter thousands of netizens had taken the realms of social media by doing some micro-blogging on Twitter to share their innermost thoughts and feelings about the Jericho Rosales and Angel Locsin starrer.

The Legal Wife aired its final episode last Friday, as expected it's a trending TV series.

The Legal Wife aired its final episode last Friday, as expected it’s a trending TV series.

In the much awaited finale of The Legal Wife, Nicole has made amends with Monica who happens to be the real wife of Adrian. Likewise, the beauteous mistress of Adrian has reconciled with his father. Best of all, Nicole had promised her son that she will try to be a better mother.

Overall, the active and loyal netizens who had been avid followers of the show were a bit disappointed of its concluding part. It was because they had surmised that the Legal Wife will have a confusing ending. Significantly, the most unforgettable part of this phenomenal drama series was the sweet reality that Monica dramatically returned the wedding ring of her beloved hubby.Thus, she even hinted that they might get back together in God’s time.

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