The Legend of Hercules, is a story about a young man named Hercules who was born from the Greek God, Zeus. In his earthly life, his father is a King (Scott Adkins) and he has an arrogant and selfish brother, Iphicles. He has an ardorous admiration for Hercules’ love (Gaia Weissa). This leads to a conflict between these two brothers, in the latter parts of the story. The director, Renny Harlin who also megged movies like Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger starts 2014 with a movie starring Kellan Lutz playing the lead role.

The Legend of Hercules begins with a fight in Argos, between King Amphitryon and a champion warrior from the city that he had invaded in which the king successfully conquered. Years later, his wife Queen Alcmeme turns to Hera to save her from a miserable marriage. Years later, she was given a son born by the Gods. Eventually, that makes Amphitryon and Iphicles more jealous and cruel. After the baby boy was born, he has been given the name Hercules. He has turned into a young and gorgeous man. As expected, his heart was suddenly smitten by a beautiful Princess of Crete, Hebe. But his brother, the genuine heir to the throne decides to take him out of her life to have the beautiful princess as his bride.

The Legend of Hercules is a story about a person's hidden desire for a woman that turns into a revenge.

The Legend of Hercules is a story about a person’s hidden desire for a woman that turns into a revenge.

Due to extreme jealousy of his brother, the protagonist who prays that he won’t get killed was sent out to Egypt together with several soldiers which would eventually result into a more deepening conflict. There are certain times in which you will feel like that you are watching a scene from 300 or Clash of the Titans or Troy but there are also some original visuals with fighting off armies by swinging giant column borders at the ends of chains or using a lightning sword, which makes this movie a classical work of art.

Meanwhile, Lutz has to prove him-self more as an actor and as an action star as well. The unique collaboration of the two to brings to life a story of a mythological hero which leads to several irrational fears that they would be doing a worse job than those previous directors and actors who attempted to retold the story. Thankfully, The Legend of Hercules turned out not to be the reverse. Instead, it tells a straightforward origin as to how the main character became a legend that he was.

But, the exposition of drama lacks lustre specially during those moments when he spends shirtless impressing his lady love. To some, this is a phase of boredom. Blame it to Scott Adkins who gives outlandish performance and his son Iphicles (Liam Garrigan). Lutz, was not the worst actor in the movie but he does not do him-self any favor when he delivers his lines.

Worst of it all, there are little funny moments in the movie. Frankly, it is too serious. Maybe, it should be downgraded to the world of Rocky Horror Picture where the characters can wear their costumes of their favorite characters and yell at the screen as that would be a funnier experience than just watching it. Also, Harlin does not lack the ability of a director and he had found a production designer, a fight coordinator and a cinematographer that did make the movie proud by reproducing things that the audience  had not seen before in some movies during the warrior fight sequences.

Nevertheless, the movie looks good and the 3D enhancement are particularly useful for making some of the action scenes but it is just overly filled with visual truism. Here is a sneak preview as to what to expect in this colossal blockbuster of the year.

The Legend of Hercules is not an awful movie as much as an outmoded one. Since the audiences had seen much of the material and most of those sequences are better than this one. See it to believe.

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