The movie Love Punch is a squeaky, adventure and comedy that hopes to get by on a sunny amiability. This fantastic motion picture stars Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan. The writer-director Joel Hopkins puts the stakes high in terms of beautiful locations, ditching at the picture postcards from London in the earlier parts film. It has also location shoots from Paris and the French Riviera. With a solid cast that includes Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall, the elements may be just seductive enough to hit its target audiences into a worthwhile movie watching.

Love Punch is a hilarious story of love, comedy and adventure, which stars Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson.

Love Punch is a hilarious story of love, comedy and adventure, which stars Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson.

The story of Love Punch begins with Richard, a businessman and Kate. They got divorced due to some reason. Therefore, their best friends and neighbors, Jerry and Penelope would love to see them to be back in each other’s arms. As such, while Richard bounces back from his latest fling with a younger woman somehow, likes the idea too. Kate is resistant however, as she faces an empty house. Imagine this. She’s bidding goodbye to a university bound daughter Sophie, as she drives off to a university; while her son Matt is already in college.

As what destiny has planned, Richard comes back into Kate’s life when he sells his company to a deceitful French financier, Vincent. Due to this financial struggle of his, he puts into risk danger their own pension plans as well as well as their employees who suddenly were kicked out of their respective jobs. Extremely surprised by this chain of events, Richard vows to mend the situation and persuades Kate to join him on a French adventure.

When they had finally reached their destination, the duo received a short welcome at Vincent’s headquarters in Paris and the story finally shifts into gear when they have discovered fully well that the company thief just bought a $10million diamond necklace in an auction for his beautiful fiancée, Manon. The latter plans to wear the jewelry at their upcoming wedding in Cote d’ Azur. So, all those high-spirited spirited Brits have to do some gatecrashing at the said wedding all in a total disguise. At last, with the help of their friends Jerry and Penelope they got necklace, had it fenced Richard was able to give back everyone’s retirement fund.

As Love Punch gets more exciting, these four characters are basically not categorized as dull people keep by keeping them-selves contented with all that they have left. That is, mainly to lose is their sense of dignity. Primarily, they could have lost their reputations for choosing those less-clever scripts because this one had lots of slim plot points and sluggish scripts. However, the film has a bouncy tone. Thus, it was never hesitant before each nutty stage in the caper.

Brosnan and Thompson dived in boldly, punching all the comedy beats expertly while getting some prickly chemistry between these exes who are destined to be together. On the other hand, Spall and Imrie get the comic relief roles in their verbal gags. Lastly, Lafitte and Bourgoin have both tried hard to make their characters even more believable. But, it was quite odd since the movie is done in a broad French farce style.

By the way, a whole lot of thanks to the actors. There were adequate gentle moments to hold moviegoers’ attention until the next line of dialogue snaps them out of the story. More so, their enthusiasms carry the movie all along. In addition, those beautiful and gorgeous sceneries have helped Love Punch in terms of those enhanced visual presentations. In a more in depth analysis, the movie reveals a filmmaker’s cinematic struggles so much to take hold of a comedy genre. However, the hanging by a thread screenplay might have benefited from the hand of a collaborator. The cast is consistently better than the weak film material and it is mildly alarming to see Brosnan stuck in another strained effort.

Overall, Love Punch has a cozy Middle English vibe but for those who do not like the idea of having sugar in their tea, this comedy film might permanently damage their traditional beliefs in a Brit flick revival.

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