There have been confusions of all sorts as to whether or not tomatoes are fruits or veggies by nature? Regardless of their appropriate denotations, there are so many luscious facts about these fruits that we need to know to keep us guided accordingly as to how frequent we should consume them to be able to get its utmost health benefits in the promotion of our overall health being and wellness. Well, let us start our discussion about a brief definition and descriptions of tomatoes. Primarily, these are pulpy and nutritious fruits which have emanated from the Mayans. These are natives to Central America which are so rich in phytochemicals, vitamins and other health giving compounds which this very interesting write-up will delve into later.

Tomatoes are by nature classified as fruits. These are rich in phytochemicals which promote cancer-fighting agents.

Tomatoes are by nature classified as fruits. These are rich in phytochemicals which promote cancer-fighting agents.

Did you know that these fruits are more nutritious than apples? Botanically, these proudly belong to the nightshade family. This only means to say, that a tomato belongs to the group of chili, peppers, potatoes and eggplants. More so, its scientific name is Lycopersicon esculentum. Since its amazing and wonderful discovery, the Aztecs were the ones who first cultivated this very endearing fruit. However, the Spaniards were the ones who have introduced them the world over. As years passed, its cultivation has gone a long, long way. From then on, these fruits cum veggies were variably available in different colors such red, green, pink and purple to name a few. The subsequent paragraphs will wholeheartedly share with you the different health benefits of tomatoes. Read on.

The Different Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Many of us are not aware of the fact that a simple tomato can make you live longer and healthier. To know more, let us continue our inner discovery about them.

  1. Tomatoes have low calories.- These only have 18 calories per 100 grams. They have no cholesterols and have lower fat content. Thus, are rich in antioxidants, minerals and dietary fibers. As such, they prevent the onset of these cancers: Prostate, colon, breasts and lung.
  2. Rich in Lycopene– Lycopene in a tomato protects our body’s cell structure from getting damaged by those oxygen free radicals. In addition, the presence of lycopene in our body protects the skin from getting harmed when exposed to those UV rays.
  3. Zea-Xanthin– A kind of flavonoid that protects our precious eyes from those age-related visual problems like macular degeneration, by filtering harmful UV rays.
  4. A single serving of a tomato will provide you an adequate supply of Vitamin A and betacarotene.- Further, it is so rich in lutein. In return, these magnificent health essentials will provide a healthy mucus membrane, bones and skin.
  5. These fruits are rich in Vitamin C– Look at this. If you have at least 100 grams of tomatoes in your fridge, these are equal to almost 18% of the total Recommended Daily Allowance. If your body has lots of Vitamin C, these will safeguard you from those infectious diseases that might harm your body.

The aforementioned nutritional or health benefits of tomatoes will make you realize that sometimes you won’t be in need of those synthetic medicines in the form of supplements to keep you healthy for the rest of your lifetime.

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