The glittering world of international entertainment has a new sensation, courtesy of the phenomenal Saturday Night Live. This outrageous performer who was previously known as the mystery singer is proudly brought into the light of this world from Ireland. His beautiful and worth knowing identity was first revealed on the 12th episode about the major comeback of Bill Hader. To be recognized in the most unique and endearing ways, this incredible soul belter had perfectly couple of songs from his self-entitled album, Take Me to Church..

His name is no other than but Hozier. Although his first song was not that perfect due to some inevitable technicalities, he managed to do things much better when he sang his second song, On Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene. Descriptively, his unparalleled singing talent can be alluded to as truly harmonious and angelic because its rhythm and were deeply rooted from the powerhouse of world-class strings that were truly made in heaven if we can magnificently say so. Most importantly, his hardworking body and spirit were indeed worth knowing inside and out.

An Irish-born singer who is simply known Hozier has made a major difference because of his powerful singing voice.

An Irish-born singer who is simply known Hozier has made a major difference because of his powerful singing voice.

Just like any other singers, his songs in his early years were regarded as go to ones for the big wigs of recording companies. However, his songs have been slowly noticed and recognized as it appeared in the following: The Leftovers and Wish I Was Here and Revenge to name a few. In addition, his easy to pronounce name became a trending one in no time at all most specially in Saturday Night Live. It was because of the reason that the phenomenal show had allotted a slot for budding singers like him.

His real name is Andrew Hozier-Byrne. Prior to SNL, a streak of good luck continued to smile for him when he released an imposing video of Take Me to Church, sometime in September two years ago. To date, his controversial video was getting almost 10,000 views every single day. The subsequent sections of this article will interestingly spill the beans for this artist who had big dreams and ambitions for him-self, his family and the entire music industry in a global scope. Unlike any other artists, you can call him as he went out on his way to post his official mobile number on Twitter. This was quite unusual but he did to the delight of his fans around the world. To explain, he only said.

The idea came about because I was going to change my mobile number anyway.So I thought, for the last day before I do that, why don’t I just put my number out online and people can call me and tell me what they thought about the album or just to chat. The idea was so popular among his 62,500 Twitter followers that his phone literally melted. It was the text messages that killed it.

The most humbling anecdote about Hozier was the fact that he only used a flip top kind of mobile phone in his early years as a singer. Last but not the least, Hozier had his own share of stage frights. In fact, he even recounted.

“I was 8 years old, singing a song called ‘Pie Jesu,’ which is an old sacred hymn type thing. It was in front of a few hundred people at a community center and my voice cracked, as young boys’ do. And I just froze up and buried my head in my hands with this little midi track playing in the background until an old woman had to come onstage and show me off.

Having hurdled all the challenges from the very start, it makes Hozier more lovable and admirable at the same time without question.

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