Former child superstar, Aiza Seguerra. uniquely identifies her-self as a man according to his fiance, Liza Dino. As of last week, she flew to California to fix everything in relation to their upcoming marriage. Aside from their out of the country altar date, the couple will likewise have their marriage to be solemnized in the Philippines. Prior to their unexpected meeting, Seguerra’s wife to be had worked and lived in the US for a couple of years.

Aiza Seguerra is now a man.

Aiza Seguerra is now a man.

According to her lovely fiancee,

It’s something that we’ve both been looking forward to doing soon. We can’t shuttle them all in the U.S. We just want to come here because US legalizes same sex marriage.

Meanwhile, this beauty queen turned actress is very proud of Aiza Seguerra because she is gradually identifying her-self as a man. However, she has not decided about those sex change or gender assignments. As for Dino, her husband to be is not a lesbian but a transgender. Again, as far as her true identity is concerned, Liza Dino has further reiterated that she is not a lesbian. She said that her relationship with the singer has opened her eyes more on sensitive things about the LGBT community.

Lisa has said time and again that she is proud to have Aiza as her partner because the former child wonder and little darling of Eat Bulaga is so supportive, caring and loving. Above anything else, it validates the fact that she is not a lesbian. Despite of everything, their dynamics is a man to woman relationship. Speaking of their most painful criticism is that she is only using the singer for financial freedom. Morally, they are being regarded those people who will be burned in hell eternally.

Despite of all these, Aiza Seguerra ans Lisa Dino will defy the odds of rational reasoning and morality through the power of love.

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