The Mind Boggling Rubik’s Cube Goes Interactive

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The multi-colored and perplex Rubik’s cube is already on its 42nd year of an intellectually stimulating challenge, but it is quite unfortunate that up to this very day I still do not possess the perfect strategy on how to solve its magnificent algorithm with so much ease. This coming Monday, the genius behind this creative and fantastic puzzle will launch its interactive version, through what he calls The Doodle. After Erno Rubik had seen the successful completion of Rubik’s interactive type, he has this to say.

Erno Rubik on interactive Rubik's Cube

Erno Rubik, the brilliant and sole inventor of Rubik’s Cube announces the interactive version of his invention via Doodle.

It was wonderful to see how, after only a few turns, the colors became mixed, apparently in random fashion.


It was tremendously satisfying to watch this color parade.

In retrospect, many of us do not have any inkling as to how this mind boggling hobby all started, right? Well, the succeeding paragraphs will let you discover how Erno Rubik became one of the wealthiest man in the world due to his incredible creation.

Brief History

Erno Rubik, is a notable and kind professor of architecture and sculpture from Hungary. His mother was a poet, while his father was an engineer. As far as the magical cube is concerned, it all began with curiosity. While he saw many beautiful places on his way home, he thought of carefully assembling the 26-colored cube in order. Successfully, he was able to solve the biggest challenge of his life.

Afterwards, he humbly applied for a patent of his hilarious cube. As expected, it was deservingly approved in the year 1977. Soon after, he and the toy company had sealed the sweetest deal in town. Therefore, he has satisfyingly secured the so-called Communist bloc. From then on, the first and only Magic Cube was born.

Over the years, Erno Rubik’s sensational invention had underwent some significant modifications most specially in the early ’80s. Since then, it has become the most popular toy in the world.

The advent of Rubik’s Cube interactive prototype, will remarkably stir the analytic skills of millions just like the tangible one. In the final analysis, hoping that this newest innovation of the most astonishing puzzle in the world will be much easier to solve to make it more exciting and enjoyable through the years.

Here’s a teaser of Erno Rubik’s Cube by Doodle. See for your-self if you can solve its mystery in seconds.


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