There isn’t any best way to safeguard overall health and well-being of those meticulous consumers across the globe, than immediately recalling some of the products that contain an ingredient which allegedly affect our body with its prolonged usage. Some classic examples of these are those commodities or any form of a merchandise which contain higher levels of propylene glycol. Recently, a widely renowned brand of whisky was recalled from the shelves of supermarkets because it had exceeded the ideal percentage of propylene glycol to be fittingly regarded as safe for human consumption. The Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey which has a 33 percent proof was described by health officials as a kind of an alcoholic beverage which burns like hell.

This famous brand of whiskey was recently recalled from markets due to its high propylene glycol content.

This famous brand of whiskey was recently recalled from markets due to its high propylene glycol content.

The propylene glycol-inspired beverage was completely recalled across the vast territories of Finland, Norway and Sweden to name a few. As previously mentioned, these whiskies have been significantly found out that its propylene glycol content might soon endanger your life forever. Therefore, it is best if we are to unravel and learn the dangerous side effects of propylene glycol. It is an organic compound and a viscous colorless kind of liquid, which has a faintly sweet taste. Moreover, this is commonly used in the swift production of polymers and in those businesses which are mainly engaged in food processing. Distinctively, this is sometimes alluded to as a propylene glycol to be able to differentiate itself from another kind of compound which is isomer propane. As far as its health implication is concerned, medical experts have said that it legally classified as a harmless compound. But then again the acute oral toxicity of a-propylene glycol has to be closely monitored by health practitioners alongside with the Food and Drug Administration.

On the other hand, the intriguing and yet catchy question which remains to be a clueless mystery was the mere fact that those products which have this so-called harmless compound had to be pulled out from global markets in no time. Let us dig deeper into the issue in order to arrive at the most objective conclusions. Based on the findings of scientists and other experts, an extremely excessive consumption of it can cause liver and neurological damages in the long run. However, if an individual has ingested only about 45% of this versatile compound it will be directly excreted by the body in the form of urine. In other words, it is more of an asset than a liability to the human body.

In fact, some of its positive effects are: First it can be used as a preservative due to its anti fungal and microbial properties. Secondly, it is purposely used for disinfecting our hands because this compound is one of the most common ingredients of most hand cleaners which are widely sold in the markets today. To wrap up, propylene glycol must be used and added in moderation to avoid those unwanted health hazards in the long run.

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