There are lots of folklore tales of the Philippines which have clearly defined the transcending evolution of the Filipino culture, alongside with the comprehensive viewpoints of Filipino sociologists are imaginatively written to further introduce the vivid culture of the Philippines in an unrivalled and diverse manner, that will make it uncanny but worth exploring in general. To further expound everything in stride, the province of San Quntin, Abra has a dubious tourist attraction with an enriching legend which is widely-renowned as the mythical giant footprint. Actually, this is the local version of Adam and Eve garden which is spiritually alluded to as the Garden of Eden. Since then, the splendid and charming Abra Province is the one and only Northern Province which was luckily christened with such a glorious and eternal name.

The enchanting mythical giant footprint in San Quintin Abra.

The enchanting mythical giant footprint in San Quintin Abra.

However, the only major difference between Adam and Angalo, the mysterious mythical character in the highlands of Abra is that Angalo’s gigantic footprints had become a famous tourist attraction in this culturally-enriched province and as far as Ilocos Sur. The latter is the other exact location of the transcended appearance of the mythical giant’s footprints in Abra. Today, it is widely known as the Falls of Pinsal in Kabayuran, San Quintin, Abra and Ilocos Sur. Prior to the climacteric unfolding of this rare tourism icon, Angalo was a noble and selfless man who had excellently portrayed himself as a hero and a hunter, in the eyes of his sincere and warm hearted neighbours and friends. When this invigorating province was still naive and young like a helpless baby, this loving and courageous man had been presumed as a tireless and patient wanderer who had earnestly searched for the woman of his dreams even in the hilly and mountainous landscapes of the Philippines, which would eventually become Region 1. On the other hand, Aran was the name of his one and only lady love for the rest of his happy lifetime. Accordingly, this loving couple was presumed to be the first people who were fashioned by Kabunian in His own image and likeness.

Likewise, based on the revealing and documented accounts of the Abra Mythology these two loves struck people were actually giants who roamed around the vast realms of Ilocos to earnestly search for one another. In this respect, her male counterpart was desperately longing for the warm embrace of his spouse which resulted into an unceasing series of battering of the whole Ilocos Region. Conversely, the alleged heavy and yet unbearable foot falls of Angalo got even heavier because of his grieving heart. Therefore, there were times that he had exhaustingly knelt just to quench his thirst from the abounding springs of the North.

The endearing Pinsal Falls of Abra.

The endearing Pinsal Falls of Abra.

From these journeys of his, he had left his remarkable and expressive mythical giant’s footprints in San Quintin, Abra. Though a thousand years had passed, the superstitious townsfolk of Abra was very much certain that those footprints really belonged to Angalo. Descriptively, there was one particular mark of his foot which was estimated to have a rough measurement of three meters deep and which uniquely possesses a width of 5 meters and a length of 15 meters. As the colorful passing of time never ceases to create new and dynamic changes, these physical attributes of Angalo’s mythical giant’s footprints, had incredibly begun to transform into natural and refreshing pools which had also led to the inherent creation and sighting of the spiritually nourishing Pinsal Falls. Pinsal Falls is currently one of the finest tourist destinations up North. Interestingly, here’s how you can get there safely.

Location and How to Get There

The exact locations of the mythical giant’s footprints are in Kabaruya, San Quintin Abra. These methods can either be by air or land. However, for those voyagers who have limited budgets they can always have the pleasure of going there by taking the Partas Trans buses if they are from Pangasinan or Greater Manila Area. On the contrary, those other spectators who would be emanating from Metro Manila, Abra and Baguio, it is highly recommended that they should ride those buses which are being efficiently operated by nonetheless the management and staff of Philippine Rabbit. Speaking of the approximate travel time to Pinsal Falls, Ilocos Sur it is about more or less seven hours.

In closing, it is indeed nice to know that both Abra and Ilocos Sur had momentously changed the socio-cultural foundations of their ancient natives by letting each and every foreign visitor to positively realize that these places are not only abundant in those incomprehensible topographical landscapes and other precious forms of natural resources. Ultimately, the awesome provinces of Abra and Ilocos Sur where the mythical giant’s footprints of Angalo are found abound themselves with those extraordinary tales, that genuinely enriched the social awareness of the Filipinos.

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