Life is not always a bed of roses. It has full of trials and challenges that will truly make us better persons. Let this very interesting website share with you an inspiring story of a noseless girl. Although it might sound too unusual, but this precocious girl from Texas USA, has been severely affected with a congenital defect which is medically alluded to as complete congenital arhinia. To define, this is a rare medical condition which simply means the complete absence of a nose. This little girl did not develop this most important physical feature for breathing; from her mother’s delicate womb. This condition is very rare that there are only 30 reported cases of it across the globe.

Tessa Evans, the noseless girl of Texas can almost do everything despite of her medical condition.

Tessa Evans, the noseless girl of Texas can almost do everything despite of her medical condition.

Unbelievably, Tessa Evans the noseless girl has no sense of smell and sinuses unlike most of us. Nevertheless, she can sneeze and cough and could even catch a common cold. As such, her beloved mom can barely understand what was really happening. However, GrĂ¡inne Evans did not bother to question God’s Divine Will. All she said was,

How did my little girl not have a nose? Was she going to live? Would anyone be able to help her?

But, God gave her worrisome mom the best answer that she had earnestly searched for all this time. Each day in Tessa’s life is indeed so special. Her sweetest smile, is an overwhelming inspiration to everyone. To describe, Tessa is a very petite little angel who perfectly mimics the funny antics of her other siblings which tremendously fosters an inexpressible delight and contentment to her whole family. According to her grateful mom,

She is perfect to us, but we have to think about what will make life as normal as possible for her.

Initially, Tessa’s condition was surprisingly detected on her 20th week after a thorough scan was extensively conducted. More so, the doctors have warned the Evans that the serious condition of their blessed child entails lots of difficulties in the long run. How could you possibly imagine a noseless girl to be diagnosed as normal? during her birth, it was said to be as a traumatic experience for a mom with mixed emotions.

In time, the brave and intelligent Tessa will undergo a medical procedure to finally have an artificial nose. The said tedious procedure will be conducted at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Generally, her upcoming surgery will involve the remarkable attachment of a nose-shaped mould which will be then inserted through an incision along her hairline. After which, her new nose will be then placed accordingly to where it should be genially found.

Apart from her congenital defect, Tessa also has a small hole in her heart and cataract. Meanwhile, the latter has been removed when she was just 11 months old. But, it caused her to become totally blind on her left eye. Since she was born as noseless, Tessa has to undergo a tracheostomy to make her breathe while she eats and breathes. Despite of all these, this bubbly but noseless girl had successfully defied the IMPOSSIBLE in this thing called Life. Watch this adorable video of Tessa Evans and see for yourselves that life is unmistakably beautiful from the very day that we are born.

In closing, this very touching chronicle of the noseless girl will make all of us to realize that we must always look at life as great and worth living. Best of all, God will not forsake us though we find it difficult at times to understand His will. Tessa is an epitome of what we should be everyday.- Trusting, faithful and innocent in God’s unique design now and forever.

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