Technological innovation is the essence of human’s endless quest for information, social awareness and personal growth. This is the very reason why US President Barack Obama is gearing up his administration to make use of the awesome internet innovation to empower every nation with a kind of weapon that no one can ever replicate until the end of time. In this regard, the Obama presidency has urged every American and his government as well to call for the stern use of Internet broadband among its millions of users around the world. However, based on the basic precepts of the Federal Communications Commission it has to make some carefully thought of proposals concerning of a more transparent use of cyberspace.

US President Barack Obama supports Internet the innovation without reservations.

US President Barack Obama supports Internet the innovation without reservations.

Hence, the FCC has set its own deadline on the said issue. The open statement of the President insofar as his overwhelming support for Internet innovation has clearly reverberated across the complex realms of national policy, business and technology among others. Ultimately, it had somehow made a drastic shift of momentum with respect to the longstanding tug of war in relation to the uncertain future of Internet innovation in the United States. On the other hand, the controversial statement of the President has somewhat stirred a defensive response from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, because it will somehow have some inevitable repercussions between those Open Internet advocates and giant firms like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to name a few.

Meanwhile, the revised rules on the so-called Consumer Broadband Internet is scheduled for publication on November 19, 2014. After which, the FCC will unanimously vote on these relevant and sensitive matters next month. Prior to this tremendous turn of events, Obama has been rumored that he managed to stay away from Wheeler and the FCC for quite sometime. To date, the White House had divulged that it will critically review the rules of FCC for the sake of net neutrality. Surprisingly, Obama issued another dubious declaration when he said.

My appointee, Tom Wheeler, knows my position. I can’t—now that he’s there, I can’t just call him up and tell him exactly what to do. But what I’ve been clear about, what the White House has been clear about is, is that we expect whatever final rules to emerge to make sure that we’re not creating two or three or four tiers of Internet. That ends up being a big priority of mine.

To sum up, internet innovation and its Open Internet policy of the Obama administration might have some loopholes. But, on the other side of the coin it will effectively teach each and every Americans most specially the young generations of today to be more responsible in using this most powerful tool of human ingenuity.

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