Carly, played by Cameron Diaz, is a Manhattan lawyer who finally believes she is ready to leave the dating scene when she meets the apparently perfect guy, Mark (Nikolaj Coster Waldau), a successful businessman and entrepreneur who spends weekdays in the city and weekends at home. When Carly surprises Mark at his home, she gets the shock of her life and discovers he has a wife, Kate (Leslie Mann)- a meek, dependent, insecure, house bound and unemployed. As Carly goes back to the city, Kate began stalking her and the two ended up becoming friends as they draw strength from the other due to their personality differences. The two really bond together and discovered that Mark had been cheating on both of them with young and gorgeous model, Amber (Kate Upton). Not long, Carly and Kate have befriended Amber and the three planned revenge against Mark after they learned he had some suspicious business deals offshore. Phil,(Taylor Kinney) Kate’s contractor brother provides moral support to the women including Carly’s five times divorced dad, Frank (Don Johnson)

The Other Woman

The Other Woman

The other woman is a funny, goofy and ridiculous movie with humor that is necessary to make the film fun. It tells of how three women connive to leave their partner and exact revenge on him.

The three women in the movie have an appealing chemistry together. Although the movie, focuses around the corners of revealing the truth about relationships, it leaves most of that possibility behind but rather focuses on easy, exhausted clichés and failed marriages, distrustful careerism and dumb but sweet blondes.

A powerless gesture for feminine empowerment, the film teaches a simple concept: being a hoodlum is not a goal that man can aspire to. According to the story, women can enjoy diving into a realm of drunken revenge, contention and recreational sex with ease rather than taking the high road. The movie makers joined the so called battle of the sexes by resorting to childish jokes and deceitful revenge.

The scenes, views and locations of the movie features a tasteful and beautiful interiors, a posh seaside locales and a bit roughness in the humor, there is a decent movie about female competition and friendship. Viewers are treated to a light hearted movie.

Leslie Mann saves the movie from being forgettable, she is a reliable actress and it is her ability to mix comedy and misery at the same time that adds depth and warmth into her character. When she cries, you’ll pity even as her delivery brings laughter. Don Johnson makes a brief appearance in the movie as Carly’s father and Nikki Minaj helps and injects humor as Carly’s naughty secretary. Cameron Diaz’ character is a bit shrew but during a tequila shots in one evening becomes friendly and supportive of Mann’s character.

“The Other Woman” is sometimes funny. It swings at everything so very often but it is more often frustrating and quite mix up and that inequality kills a chance of actual entertainment. It is not awful, it just needs a complete re-thinking of subject from the bottom up.

The Other Woman Trailer

The director, Nick Cassavetes can be credited to serious themed movies involving life and death( the notebook, My Sister’s keeper); in this movie he shows his love for comedy with a touch of reality. The finale is a reminiscing of the finale of the First Wives Club back in 1996. There are lots of things to enjoy in this bright, breezy and funny girl’s flick that will make us laugh for the day. The film makers ended the story by rewarding the characters more for their organized acts. The other woman is clearly a notion of compulsive infidelity too seriously.

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