The human identity is as powerful as a sword. It is your lasting gateway towards everything that you have desired in your entire life that can never be compromised. In lieu of this, let this humble article pay tribute to a man whose name was no other than Mayor Menino. He was the late mayor of Boston who had shared lots of his fondest dreams with US President Barack Obama.

Former Boston Mayor Menino hates political paralysis in the US.

Former Boston Mayor Menino hates political paralysis in the US.

As various political observers had put it, former mayor Menino had commonly shared a kind of a political empathy which was really remarkable and unmatched over the years. After the spine tingling Marathon bombing, these two great men have spoken about extolling those heroic people who had put their lives on the line for the sake of saving others. Menino then arrived in a wheelchair and despite of his most difficult plight of having a broken leg, he gallantly spoke before thousands who were then mourning after they had lost their loved ones without a warning. Simply, he said.

This is Boston. A city with courage, compassion, and strength that knows no bounds.

For millions, Mayor Menino was an iconic emblem of a city which had been deeply wounded and was really trying its best to get back on its feet together with a dynamic leader like him. In essence, he was

Bold, big-hearted, and Boston strong, Tom was the embodiment of the city he loved and led for more than two decades.As Boston’s longest-serving mayor, Tom helped make his hometown the vibrant, welcoming, world-class place it is today. His legacy lives on in every neighborhood he helped revitalize, every school he helped turn around, and every community he helped make a safer, better place to live.

At the time of his death, Mayor Menino was already suffering from a declining health but he continued to live a full and vibrant life without pain and sorrow. As a public servant, he was totally the opposite of President Obama. Although they had different political views, he never failed to show his undying support for Barack Obama when he became President. In fact, he was at the White House to discuss relevant matters about his dearly beloved Boston. From then on, he had began to accept the proposal of the President to put up several charter schools as part of his universal and functional educational policies.

Best of all, he frequently called the President and asked for some immediate assistance for his territory without reservations. Meanwhile, among his most unforgettable legacies were as follows: He was one of the most recognized pioneers in establishing One Fund Boston, a non-profit organization which aimed to help the victims of the attack. More so, he had been a goal oriented mayor who gravely hated the onset of a political paralysis in the United States as a whole. For him, it could be like a snowstorm without anybody to voluntarily plow the busy streets. Indeed, Mayor Menino is a modern day hero who will never be forgotten through the years.

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