The far and beyond blissfulness of Mother Earth is really incomparable in everything. One mesmerizing example of this interesting creation of God, is the tranquil and regal Samal Island. Geographically, the Island of Samal in Davao del Norte is characterized as a second class municipality which has an alluring name popularly known as the Garden Island of Samal. Moreover, it has been designated as a part of the so –called Metro Davao in the huge and comprehensive geographical constitution of the Philippines. Location wise, it has an approximate distance of at least two kilometers away from the Durian capital of the Philippines. As far as its brief historical background is concerned, Samal was fascinatingly rooted from the word, sama which simply means as the name of its first native inhabitants since it was first momentously discovered.

Samal Garden

Samal Garden

In addition, this intriguing confabulation was actually taken from that mispronounced etymology. Likewise, some of its earliest people had referred this island using the mere influence of its popular byproduct such as the “Pina” or the pineapple. Therefore, this tourism haven of Mindanao was previously alluded to by many as Penaplata. This means that the Garden Island of Samal is enormously abundant in pineapples. Last but not the least, its majestic name Samal was a unique derivative of the mysterious phrase which means rock of silver. Meanwhile, Samal was also adopted to denote the different surnames of those datus who had powerfully ruled the place in its early beginnings. Economically, the initial prelude of its slow but certain progress and development was brought about by the persevering Chinese migrants in the island. On the other hand, during the turbulent years of World War II Samal Island was somehow devastatingly affected when the dominant and invincible forces of the Japanese had mercilessly dropped their lethal bombs in the caressing Garden Island of Samal. This bitter turn of events in the past, had painfully lingered in the last four years of the enslaving occupation of the Japanese. However, these indescribable and spine- tingling nightmares in Samal Island had bravely served as inspirations to its people; because they were able to rebuild the Samal Garden Island by building some noteworthy infrastructure projects. Among these were schools, stores and several places of worship all over the charismatic areas of Samal Garden in just a short span of time.

Surprising Discovery

As far as its official discovery and establishment is concerned, the Garden Island of Samal it had significantly made each and everyone proud of themselves on the 8th day of July, 1948. It was due to a fact that after almost five years of unspeakable and continuous economic growth and socio-cultural evolution, Samal Island was equally divided into two distinct municipalities. In fact, the first-ever municipality that had strongly emerged was Babak. After which, in the year 1969 the Garden Island of Samal has been blessed with another promising sub- province under Republic Act 5999, which was signed by former president Marcos. Unfortunately, this sub-province has never been inaugurated at all. Over the years, Samal was christened as a city through the lawful virtue which encompasses Republic Act 8471 on the 30th of January 1998.

In lieu of this much awaited statuette, it has given the Garden Island of Samal the power and the ability which necessitated the swift dissolution and conglomeration of its three municipalities namely Babak, Samal and Kaputian, into a united and single government that is currently known as the Garden Island of Samal. Most importantly, the invigorating tourism industry of Samal is primarily composed of white and sandy beaches, amazing reefs and a lot more. As a result, it has become one of the province’s most reliable income source for almost decades now. To name a few of its notable beaches, the Samal Garden Island proudly introduces to foreigners the Kaputian Beach Resort and the Pearl Farm Paradise Island. Due to these awesome attributes, the Department of Tourism has deservingly chosen this island as one of the must see archipelagos in Mindanao. To date, it is now cited as a fast-rising tourist hub in the Philippines. Lastly, its huge tax revenues to the government have made it possible for the latter to have an extremely competitive economy in the recent years.

Tourist Attractions

Among its well-loved places of interest that you might want to visit and explore to the hilt are the Coral Garden Marine Park, Hagimit Falls and the mysterious splendor of its very own Vanishing Island. For your budget friendly accommodation needs during your most cherished vacation in this paradise island of Mindanao, there are many affordable hotels that you can widely choose from. Some of its finest and exquisite hotels within the Garden Island of Samal are the following: The Camp Holiday Resort and Recreation Area and the Hof Gorei Beach Resort. Upon your arrival in Samal Garden Island, here are some worthwhile recreational activities that you can do with your family and friends to make each day of your life more memorable, than ever before.

  • To visit and discover the only bat cave in the Philippines, which is no other than but the Monfort Bat Sanctuary
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  • Schedule an all-day island tour at least two days before your vacation ends
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  • Go to the island’s famous zoo
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Geographical Location

Samal Garden Island is located within the eternal beauty of Davao Gulf, which is absolutely separated from Mindanao’s mainland, through a body of water which is approximately reachable via a safe motorboat ride for about 15 minutes or less; going to the gigantic port of Babak, from Kilometer II Sasa Davao City. In contrast, this newest vacation sensation of Davao City which is so accessible for only 45 minutes; that is if your particular points of origin are Penaplata and the ports of Kaputian, from the wharf of Santa Ana.

How To Get There

First time travelers can easily reach the Samal Garden Island by means of ferry boats and tricycles, the moment that they have arrived in Samal Island.

The greatest escape of every human soul, is getting to know the different facets of a country which have tremendously evolved for over a thousand years. Through these, people from all walks of life have fruitfully experienced the lasting essence of a good life, which is abundantly filled with thrills, excitements and adventures which are the priceless gems and masterpieces of each and every tourist destination in the Philippines.

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