Paranormal Psychology has always been considered as a pseudoscience. However, the complex world of the unknown is a universal paranormal premise and foundation, which has long been studied and contested for so many years now. Scientific studies have some biased beliefs about the supernatural. Accordingly, this particular field of human discovery negatively presumes that although man has both a soul and spirit these essential integrals of the human persona can no longer resuscitate itself to be able to have a human form of gratification once they had already detached their respective paranormal cords inside their physical bodies.

Ghost sightings and exorcism rights are some of main mission of Spirit Questors in the Philippines.

Ghost sightings and exorcism rights are some of main mission of Spirit Questors in the Philippines.

Thus, there is a group which has been established to bust all those negative and restless spirits who are haunting every place and home to seek justice and freedom according to famous paranormal practitioners in the Philippines. This particular organization is dubbed as spirit questors. It is mainly comprised of psychic volunteers who are believed to have been blessed with extraordinary gifts of communicating with those different kinds of spirits; to achieve a peaceful cohabitation with these mysterious entities which should be showered with a so-called unconditional love. Theoretically, these spirit questors have constantly asserted that they have a special task to successfully fulfil through a comprehensive study of the diverse occult and paranormal concepts and its underlying principles. Thus they have envisioned that hat in this New Age, those gifted people or psychics in general must learn how to effectively provide or impart the basic frameworks of paranormal psychology. Therefore, it would be a lot easier to explore and know more about this pseudo science so that everyone in a given society will be able to holistically promote the development of man’s physical, spiritual and educational needs.

In the same manner, this alliance of gifted people actively serves as a resource fount to attain a kind of human and spiritual learning which is geared towards the enrichment of man’s existence. Generally, their vision and missions had inculcated the following core values. These are Respect each other’s free will
Be honest in all your existential endeavors, Do not ever deprive the meaningful existence of anything in this world, If a human has been gifted with a paranormal ability, USE IT RESPONSIBLY. In the Philippines, parapsychology had a mantra of being negatively viewed as against the doctrines and teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Ultimately, the said practice of busting the unknown had been unfairly judged as from the devil no more, no less.

Whatever other people might say, the extensive practice of paranormal psychology entails a lot of principles and techniques which has to be mastered constantly like an intensive spiritual preparation such as fasting and fervent prayer rituals to name a few. Above anything else, joining an organization such as spirit questors in the Philippines is the final test of this universal truth throughout the ages.


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