Victories are difficult to accomplish. But, if somebody is determined to get that would surely be a long and winding road to follow. The Royals are genuinely living up to their lasting legacy that winning is their business no more, no less. The Kansas Royals was able to land the sixth and most crucial inning to finally bring home the bacon against the equally domineering Baltimore Orioles.

Kansas City Royals prevailed over Baltimore Orioles without getting too aggressive in the field.

Kansas City Royals prevailed over Baltimore Orioles without getting too aggressive in the field.

This was actually their third game of the American Championship Series which happened last Tuesday. Sports analysts have said that the colossal encounter was more than just a survival of the fittest for the entire season. Just the same, the Royals and their manager exactly knew all about what it takes to be able to seal in the winning edge over there archrivals for this particular season. Consequently, the recent game has given them the most secured ranking in the overall standings with a 2-1 edge over the Orioles. Here’s how it all happened. The pitchers of KC Royals had perfectly made it possible to make the 16 batters of Baltimore Orioles to lose their stance and momentum from the very minute that the game had its very exciting prelude.

On the other hand, the Orioles had tried their very best to take control of the game. However, fate and destiny had other plans for both teams in the coming game. On Wednesday, they will try to gun for their first ever American League pennant since 1985. Initially, the team will try to have a much stronger and formidable match up in the persons of Jason Vargas and Miguel Gonzalez. Since they are almost there, one of the players of Kansas Royals whose name is Jarrod Dyson said.

It feels great, man. We’re almost there. We’re almost at the promised land.

Just like a Divine-inspired seer, Dyson had accurately predicted that the Game 3 would most likely belong to them after its historic game precedent. Overall, their team can already feel that winning is in the air and no other team can take that away from them. As some sort of an inspiration, there are commemorative shirts which say,

These O’s Ain’t Royal.

In retrospect, the Royals had won seven out of its post season games for this year. As for the Orioles, they were able to win the American East League. They also won 96 games during their heydays. With this quite impressive record, here’s what they have say in consonance with their never say die attitude.

Always feel like the momentum can change. If we can get one under our belt and get a few things to work our way, and make some things happen, we feel like we can get it spinning the other way. Otherwise we shouldn’t show up tomorrow.

Let us all wait and see if the Royals will continue to shine in their next game against the underdog Baltimore Orioles.

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