The sweet and romantic relationship of any celebrity has a secret key that has to be carefully unlocked as a public knowledge, to be able to protect each other’s personal interests as that union goes up to a much higher level of love, respect and an unconditional kind of happiness on and off cam. In the perplex and unforgettable realm of Philippine Showbiz, serious romantic involvements are seldom to last for a lifetime. But, it’s a totally different story to tell between today’s most admired lovebirds, Matteo Guidicelli and popstar Sarah Geronimo. As far as we all can recall, Guidicelli is now the current boyfriend of this famous Filipina singer.

Debonair actor Matteo Guidicelli has a secret charm on how he won Sarah's eternal love.

Debonair actor Matteo Guidicelli has a secret charm on how he won Sarah’s eternal love.

From the very start, Matteo was indeed so determined to win her heart at all cost. As a result, the secret charm of Matteo Guidicelli has been inspiringly unleashed so as to make her ideal girl to fall for him even more. To be specific, Matteo has presented his real persona to Sarah’s parents against all odds. It was simply because, Sarah loves her family much more than anything else in this world. In other words, he perseveringly courted her girl’s parents until his most cherished moment will soon come true. After a few months, his earnest prayers were answered. Sarah Geronimo became his girlfriend.

On a personal note, Matteo says that Sarah is a very simple and charming lady who constantly reminds him to remain humble at all times. Until now, it seems like Matteo Guidicelli refuses to believe that Sarah Geronimo is now his one and only princess. Although their relationship might not be like those in classic fairy tales, there is only one truth that this lovely couple has to bear in mind. It is no other than but to put God at the center of their relationship and everything will fall in its proper place so perfectly.

In closing, Matteo Guidicelli did the right move when he loved Sarah’s parents like his own. Indeed, it is a kind of character which is so rare to find and yet Sarah was able to luckily find it in someone like her beloved boyfriend.

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