The momentous canonization of Pope John Paul II last Sunday, has inspired me more to write about his short biography in relation to the following major areas of human existence: Perfection, sanctity and spiritual victory. Though I have to divide his story into two parts, there is still an arduous desire on my part to know more about this very gentle and and humble man who has unselfishly devoted him-self in the service of God, the youths and less-privileged. With all these acts of kindness and sanctification that rightfully belonged to him, This widely visited website of ours, would like to pay homage to an exceptional creation of the Almighty who never complained about anything from the very day that he obediently responded to his divine calling.

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II, the most popular Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, was finally declared as a Saint.

Although there were nasty rumors about his being and personal life, millions had tearfully witnessed his much deserved canonization in Vatican City to proclaim his most rewarding day of being a saint. Are you ready to be inspired by this very engaging life story of a human soul that is as white as a snow? Well, let us joyfully travel back in time with this very influential figure in the history of the Catholic Church.

He was born on the 18th day of May 1920, as Karol Josef Wojtyla in Wadowice, Poland. He was elected as a Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church on October 16, 1978 until his demise in April of 2005. Since then, he was dubbed as the second longest serving Pope after Pope Pius IX. (To be continued).


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