The Voice Season 8 Contestant Anthony Riley Leaves the Competition

| March 25, 2015 | 1 Comment

The Voice Knockouts Rounds are a two-way battle, however, last Monday, Team Pharrell performed its first ever three-way knockout round in the history of the competition. Contestants Paul Pfau, Mia Z and Sawyer Fredericks sing one song each with only two of them allowed to advance onward from the Knockout Rounds. The reason behind the history-making Knockout of The Voice is when the street singer from Philadelphia Anthony Riley leaves the show due to “personal reasons”.

The Voice Season 8 Knockout Rounds

The Voice Season 8 Contestant Anthony Riley leaves the competition for some personal reasons.

Reasons why The Voice Season 8 Contestant Anthony Riley leaves the Competition. Many Riley fans speculate that he was kicked off the show for refusing to compete in the Knockout Rounds against Mia Z, but this report from social media is not yet confirmed. In fairness to Mia Z’s Monday performance, she propelled to the Live Playoff Rounds, and it would be easy to see any player in the competition afraid to go up against her.

Another reason, Riley was forced to leave the show after the controversial move to dedicate his Battle Rounds victory to convicted murderer Mumia Abu Jamal and “political prisoners everywhere”. Jamal, a former political activist, is in prison for the murder of a police officer in 1981. However, the circumstances surrounding his trial have caused many to call for his immediate release.

While all these reason was a bit odd and sad, because he was amazing and awesome from the beginning, yet, I don’t want to intrude on ‘personal reasons’, I hope everything works out for him.

The show continued on without Anthony Riley, sending Mia Z and Sawyer Fredericks on to the next round. Tune in for more Knockouts on “The Voice” on NBC.

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  1. Erica says:

    I saw his blind audition and he was really good. He made all the coaches pushed their buttons in less than 5 seconds which is actually the fastest in the show’s history. Why would Riley leave? He could have won this competition.

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