The web slinging hero is back on the screen once again in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) squares off against his nemesis Electro (Jamie Foxx).Emma Stone, Paul Giamatti, Dane DeHaan, Shailene Woodley and Chris Cooper are also included in the cast. What is distinct in this movie is that it feels like a comic book in real flesh and in a live-action cartoon.

Criminals with little drive for their negative and disturbing actions made up the scene. of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Max Dillon brings blueprint in the street and talks to his own illusion in the mirror. It is perfectly reasonable for an early sequence of a movie, Spider Man is chasing a Russian mobster after he hijacked a truck full of plutonium. This plutonium chase feels a little bit like a throwback of the 1990’s. where superhero movies tend to cut a particular shot by showing one thing very obvious. Just the same, even in a cartoon world emotions and character are important. Spider Man always worked best when he plays second fiddle to Peter. Andrew Garfield is perfect. He is a flawless combination of charm, humor, boldness and daring qualities. In effect, his Peter Parker character is truly delightful to watch.

SpiderMan, does another heroic act, as he web slings to save the day.

SpiderMan, does another heroic act, as he web slings to save the day.

In addition, credit goes to Emma Stone (Gwen) also. In some ways, she is better than Andrew Garfield. She shines in the movie too exquisitely; while their harmonious and perfect chemistry are combined. Thereby. making this movie worth watching. Without those adrenalin-pumping action sequences, the movie would be only qualified as a perfect and pleasing romantic comedy. But of course, the romantic element should not be totally disregarded.

Every time  Peter Parker runs off to fight, Gwen always follows. She is there as a mere spectator or even as a participant; but not as damsel in distress. It is not a new enhancing element in motion pictures. Nevertheless, it works really well to make every viewer excited and thrilled at the same time.

The movie’s twists most particularly of the Osborn family are perfectly reasonable and nailed the nourishing spirits of the characters and their relationship with Peter even more intimate.

Essentially, there is no need for a humongous set-up. But there is something about the characters’ performance that do not ring as true though there is a solid amount of effort by Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan). Nevertheless, you can feel that he is quite different in this movie. Meanwhile, the unconscious slip seems to be in the movies action tone. Before changing into a Green Goblin (Osborn), he needs to be slightly devious and shady.

Speaking of the movie’s plot, it is basically about Peter’s quest in finding the answers to the questions about his father. But he seems to be not extremely committed about that. Though the plot is quite thin, the result is certainly fun and amazing. It is nice to see the way how Spider-Man effectively deals with villains as he playfully battles with them so easily.

More so, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy are so good together. They can both carry a movie that is absolutely entertaining from to start to finish. In fact, their unique ways turn the movie’s climax into something that is totally persuasive. There is a brilliant and yet heart-breaking moment in the film that is otherwise light and entertaining. The movie has very nice visual effects; as it will make moviegoers feel like that they are swinging through the canyons of New York. Photography wise, they are bright and richly colored.

Overall, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a movie that is unusual. A superhero film that does not try to be a copycat of some sorts. To justify, it is so appealing to adult moviegoers. Best of all, it has no politicking or should I say, hidden agendas. Although the movie is almost old-fashioned but it is still funny and exciting to watch all over again. Watch this sneak preview.

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