God has given me the most wonderful gift from His most celestial abode, since the light of this world has shone above me. She is the wind beneath my wings that yours truly cannot live without. While I am writing this special blog for her, her beautiful face keeps on lingering within the depths of my heart, soul and mind. In this respect, what should I say about her despite of the fact that I did not live with her since I was a feeble child? Just the same, let me vividly describe her to you in three ways. My mom has a gracious and beautiful that can incredibly launch a thousand ships, she is so intelligent of which I genially inherited in some ways. Above anything else, she’s a woman of immeasurable courage who firmly believes that God’s Divine Will magnificently prevails notwithstanding all the trials that come her way. What a woman! Her strong refuge is the Almighty whom she calls as her one and only adviser in everything that she does.

This is my wonderful mom, to whom I owed everything.

This is my wonderful mom, to whom I owed everything.

Frankly, ours is not a perfect relationship. We had lots of individual differences most specially when it comes to my negative attitudes as was well as my innate characteristic of being an extreme workaholic. She often tells me to slow down. Sad to say, I cannot. There was point in my life when she bluntly asked me as to why my chosen profession was so tedious just like a PhD degree? Without saying a word, the best answer I had given her was just a sweet smile that will sincerely assure her that she has nothing to worry about. From then on, she had gladly accepted the world where I currently belong.

Although she does not provide for me financially, the wind beneath my wings is constantly there for me spiritually. She never fails to pray for me most specially when I became jobless for three straight years. Her meaningful words of encouragement strengthened me all the way. More so, when my beloved grandfather died that was the turning point of our separate lives. This woman of perfection made me feel that it is high time that she will be the only one to shelter me from harm no matter what it takes.

Nobody can ever take you away from me.

These heartwarming words from her sweet lips, made me love her even more; though we are not physically together.

Whenever we spend our precious moments together, I am always asking her.

Do you never get tired of working, despite of your age?

This, she said.

Teaching is my lifeblood. Nothing can ever change that. I want to see all of you succeed. Your siblings still need me. I still have a mission to fulfill.

She is indeed the wind beneath our wings. At her age, I really wanted to just sit back and relax as she blissfully watches her grandchildren laugh and cry as a result of their own blunders and mistakes. However, who am I to argue with a retired public school teacher? Currently, my mom works as a principal and a part-time professor in a nearby university where we live.

In closing, I might not have much in life. There were times that I had nothing to spend. But it does not matter a lot to me. After all, everything that is in my possession today will come and go. For as long as the wind beneath my wings is still around, I will never stop loving her because she deserves to be tenderly loved by someone like me whose needs are quite different from the rest. Happy Mother’s Day, mom. You are really the best! No words can ever impeccably express my love for you.

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