A blissful journey towards another sweet and challenging married life makes every couple more creative and loving to his or her better half. But did you know that there are innovative ways to once again profess your eternal love to each other once you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary? Yes, there are many fantastic ways to make the said occasion more memorable. Take a glimpse of the world’s most unique weddings.

Indian Garland Wedding Ceremony.

Indian Garland Wedding Ceremony.

However, you must save lots of your hard earned money if you want to renew your wedding vows in a different light. Here are some of these grandiose wedding ceremonies that you might want to adopt very soon. The Indian Garland Ceremony or otherwise known as the Var Marla ceremony is dubbed as one of most essential traditions of an Indian-inspired nuptial. In this extraordinary wedding ritual, the couple will gladly exchange colorful garlands that will expressively signify their endless love and unity as husband and wife. This is widely adopted as a tradition all over India. However, this differs in shape and size which entirely depends on a territory where a couple rightfully belongs. Meanwhile, red roses are the most common ornaments which are being used for these elegant garlands.

The Japanese Sake Drinking in the Land of the Rising Sun, takes place after momentous wedding ceremony had taken place in a sacred Shinto shrines. Uniquely, this tradition is incredibly translated as three-three-nine-times. To begin with the couple should gamely drink from three different cups of various sizes for at least three times each. This is because odd numbers are alluded to as lucky numbers in Japan. Insofar as its traditional representations are concerned, the smallest sake cup is for heaven, the middle one corresponds to earth and the last cup is for mankind. Next in line, is a Turkish Henna Night. This ritual takes a night before the scheduled altar date. In essence, this symbolizes the bitter but a life-changing reality that a bride will soon leave her parents to live another life with her husband. A red veil is placed over the bride and a dash of henna is being used as its ornament.

Have you ever heard about the Polish Money Dance? This is one of the most unique weddings because it will help a couple to freely enjoy the best of worlds during their honeymoon. Money in different denominations are pinned on the newly- weds attire while they are dancing to the delight of their guests. Last not the least in the roster of the most unique weddings is the South African Lighting of the Hearth. In this particular wedding tradition, the parents of both parties bring fire from their homes going to the newly-found abode of the couple which aims to light the heart of these spouses as a family. These world’s most unique weddings are enormously filled with colorful symbolisms to introduce varying cultures which set each country more interesting through the years.

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