Third Eye: Gateway of Paranormal Wisdom

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Paranormal wisdom is not an inherent gift to all humans. It is a special innate treasure that God has endowed to some in order to perform a special or personal mission in this material world. The third eye or inner eye is the tool see and understand extraordinary wisdom. By theoretical definition, it is a mystical and esoteric concept, which is located in the brow chakra, according to the conventional features and teachings of spirituality. This idea is originally a belief of the Buddhists. Due to its efficacy and mystery, it was later tried and used by Christian faith, specifically the spiritualists and other religions. Above all existing precepts about this widely popular paranormal wisdom, it is the amazing gateway towards the inner realms of other dimensions as well as the spaces of higher consciousness.

Third Eye

On the other hand, Christian mysticism regards this term of parapsychology as the “indicator of a non-dualistic perspective”. The New Age Era describes the Third Eye as the new symbol of enlightenment or in a much broader belief, it is a means by which the evocation of mental images comes from, which involve the tremendous power of spiritual and the psychological facets of man abounding in significance as a whole. Accordingly, a person’s “sixth sense” coincides with visions, the talent of clairvoyance, precognition and last but not the least, astral projection. To know and discover the nature and wonders of the third eye, let this article divulge the various teachings of the most prominent religious orientations, and see how diverse they are from one another.

Different Religious Teachings and the Third Eye

A knowledge in the esoteric field of continuously increases, as it is directly proportional to its skyrocketing popularity. Below, are some of the world-renowned and recognized religious teachings which have various dogmas about the sixth sense or the third eye. Want to explore and know more about them in the future? then, you have to read and analyze their basic principles about this rare spiritual doorway.

  1. Western Wisdom Teachings. The third eye is located in the pituitary gland of man.
  2. Christian Beliefs and Teachings. Based on the researches of Father Richard Rohr, a Franciscan friar who had founded and established the New Jerusalem Community in Cincinnati, USA, in the year 1971, he had believed that the third eye is only a metaphor of non-dualistic teachings. Similarly, he had alluded this paranormal faculty as an “eye for meditation, reasons and reflections”. Therefore, this extraordinary faculty happens when the different spaces of our being are all properly nourished and cultivated. These are the spaces of our hearts and minds respectively. Moreover, the awareness of our physical body are widely open and has no indications of resistance. Most importantly, for this kind of religion a gifted person can beautifully experience this ability if he or she has perfectly established an inner connection within himself or herself with his/ her environment.
  3. Teachings of Gnostics. The followers of this teaching believed that the third eye is both a functional and symbolic wisdom. For them, the Book of Revelations has touched on this faculty through the works of Kundalini. Thus, the role and importance of the seven chakras is also correlated with the function of the third eye.
  4. Taoism. The discovery and development of the third eye pays close attention to the delicate points between the eyebrows, while our eyes are closed. Objectively, the essence of the paranormal study and training with respect to the third eye is to pave the way for the channeling or tuning of the correct vibrations emanating from the universe. Likewise, the Taoists refer the third eye as the “eye of the mind”. As such, it becomes as the “energy center” of our body, located in the sixth chakra.

Functions of the Third Eye

The concepts of the ultimate and apparent realities have become the center of longstanding debates from the time of Dionysius to the era of Plato. Culturally, the Mediterranean had adopted this belief since time immemorial. Based on this contention, a paranormal reality can only be accessible to human consciousness if the mental data processing method of the mind is totally dislocated. However, Aristotle, the legendary and genius student of Plato had modified this irrational fact to a most comprehensive and much clearer paranormal viewpoint. In effect, most of the basic fundamentals about the sixth sense are basically Aristotelian.

On the Oriental hemisphere, the Indian anatomists had viewed this parapsychology term in consonance with the framework and principles of human metaphysics. Consequently, it became an integral part of Western medicine, which had later dramatically evolved into a system of “Kundalini Yoga” of the Hindu culture. Speaking of Western beliefs, the Kundalini Yoga is being understood by many of its avid followers as a language of poetic metaphor. Therefore, the system makes the unusual attempt for humans to explain the mystery behind the phenomenon of “disparate entities between body and mind”.

Although this is really a complex and puzzling spiritual and paranormal doctrine, the paranormal practitioner never wavers in his or her commitment to develop and eventually teach interested parties, to be progressive in the study and exploration of the subject matter, through its different and easy to learn stages of the sacred chakra of humans. To begin with, this sixth sense of an individual is not only used for paranormal or remote viewing or for the purposes of spiritual communication. Your third eye is the seat of mental calculations and thinking processes. Furthermore, it provides you the unique ability to recall your past experiences and life patterns; thereby allowing you to place those things in their appropriate perspectives, through the help and wisdom of the third chakra and its actions. The third eye or sixth sense is the reason why people have intuitive feelings or intuitions. Moreover, this is closely associated to imagination and psychic abilities. On the other hand, it is the primary conduit between the real and inner worlds.

The Scientific Viewpoints about the Third Eye

After the passing of million years, some apostles of science had already verified its existence. Just recently, a Russian study had conducted an experiment which had utilized a camera film in a light-proof envelope which had exceptionally began to develop photographic images, after it was placed on the foreheads of their experimental subjects. According to the main researcher in the person of Vitaly Parvdivstev, the unbelievable research findings had revealed that there are indeed some people who are blessed with the capability of radiating “brain images” from an undetermined region in the forehead.

To scientifically prove the incredible presence of a third eye, he had laboriously explained the correlation of this amazing paranormal ability and the sixth sense itself. Based on the Ancient Oriental traditions, they have claimed that these radiations originate from the energy centers of humans, known as the Third Eye. In addition, scientists have remarkably concluded that animals in the same way have third eye. Scientifically, there are birds and reptiles that possess this energy center which has an extensive correlation to their pineal glands. However, there is a big and major difference between the sixth sense and the physical eye of animals. Their physical sense of vision only sees tangible things; whereas the said extraordinary gateway leads to other dimensions which can sense both light and heat.

How Does a Third Eye Work?

The dynamic and genius scientific researches of the California-based institution for Frontier Science known as the “Rubik studies”, has made its tremendous way of studying an awesome and invisible energy or power; which is called as the biofield. This is the purported lifelong force which is the Qi in Chinese traditions. Along this juncture, the manifestation and presence of this very interesting element of paranormal psychology allows both mind and body to work in harmony. Consequently, this power of the mind makes a human being responsive to different alternative therapies.
Apparently, the existence of a biofield makes it possible for a human body to be more than just a bag of “biomolecules”. The sixth sense works via the “Neurotek neurofeedback” devices around the heads of habitual meditators. Since the brain has fitted electrodes, along with the revealing brain levels, it goes to show that the human brain can produce energies with higher frequencies, than those persons labeled as “non-meditators”. Meanwhile, the frontal part of the brain has esoteric circles which operates at a speed of 40 hertz. Ultimately, the research revelations about the sixth sense in relation to its resonance of higher frequencies can be excellently attributed to feelings of joy, love, clairvoyance and childlike wonder.

In terms of diversing opinions, the studies of Rubik had asserted that the world we live in must not be perceived in such a way that there is a rivalry between the paranormal realms and reality. Rather, they are both continuum of events closer to the real paradigm of human existence on earth.

11 Different Steps to Awake Your Sixth Sense

No matter how difficult it would be, there are various kinds of steps to open or awaken your third eye for your optimum advantage. To do this initially, a person has to close his or her physical eye. However, your mind can do the job to give in to the desires of your paranormal interests. In essence, the author would like to impart the different steps on how to open it while in a conscious state. First and foremost, you have to slowly heighten your sixth sense; by firmly believing it exists; after which you have to study and learn about the attention principle. Eventually, as a student of paranormal psychology separates himself or herself from the other basic components or vehicles of the third eye, namely the astral, causal and mental assumptions; still the third eye can effectively function independently from all of these. Below are the steps to open one’s third eye.

  1. Sit as comfortably as possible on a chair in a cross-legged position. You can also use a sofa or a well-cushioned floor. Make sure that all your body parts are relaxed, especially your shoulders. Then, do some head half head circles. In the same manner, you have to gently keep your eyes closed. As an amateur, you should try to set or focus your undivided attention at the point of your two eyebrows. Likewise, slowly shift it to the area brows for about 3-5 minutes. At each level of chakra, one must feel significantly the blissful experience which goes with it
  2. Sense what it means to sit here and now.
  3. A person has to be aware of the external sensations at the present time.
  4. Detect what kinds of sensation that will arise now.
  5. Feel the said sensations.
  6. Use thought recognition.
  7. Effectively reflect on the “I am” statements in relation to your thoughts, memories and experiences.
  8. Notice with optimism those positive memories and impressions which appear from the subconscious part of your mind.
  9. Identify the present sense of time that is currently recorded in your memory.
  10. Refocus your attention that you are moving your energies from one chakra to another till it reaches your subconscious.
  11. Finally, try to directly focus your attention at the rear part in between your brows going to the top portion of your head. Right then and there, there will be a magical presence behind the energy center. With paramount concentration, you need to avoid being distracted by other external variables in order to see and feel the extraordinary light from the said presence.

In conclusion, the basic premise behind the most controversial and mystifying third eye is that it really does exist; provided that the proven and established scientific laws of science know how to discover it in the most accurate and special way.


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