The quintessential and fabulous northern part of the Philippines, La Union has been beautifully blessed with fascinating beach resorts such as the glamorous Thunderbird Resort. It has been chosen by numerous meticulous global voyagers as one of the most elegant and beauteous beach resorts in Poro-Poro Point, La Union. Speaking of its location, it is strategically situated in an easily accessible geographical location wherein the abundance and splendor of nature never ends. Incredibly, it was built on a cliff with a white sand beach which will truly mystify every traveler.

The stunning panoramic view of Thunderbird Resort, La Union.

The stunning panoramic view of Thunderbird Resort, La Union.

Above anything else, this has an elegant and gyrating luxury hotel which will make every traveler to stay for quite sometime in the splendid La Union’s Thunderbird Resort. To date, this resort and hotel in the North has state-of-the art facilities and amenities that will definitely provide each guest with the finest services that they can never ever find in a vacation hideaway anytime of the year. Some of these ace amenities of Thunderbird Resorts in Poro Poro Point, La Union are the Cliffs Beach and the Cliffs Golf Club. These impeccable highlights of this outrageous resort are really indescribable in the real sense of the word.

An elegant accommodation at La Union's Thunderbird Resort.

An elegant accommodation at La Union’s Thunderbird Resort.

As far as its unforgettable recreations are concerned, these can be any of the following: Jet Skiing, Water Skiing, Tube Rides, Waterboarding and your much awaited lessons about surfing. Meanwhile, there are other outdoor activities which will definitely keep you healthy and energetic all-year round. These are: Rock Wall Climbing and Rappelling, Mountain and ATV Biking and Zip Lining. Price wise, you will be surprised to know that there accommodations are affordable although this is a top secret by the resort’s goal driven management. Among its finest and modern accommodations are: 22 De Luxe Rooms, 10 Superior De Luxe Rooms, 4 De Luxe Suites and the one and only Athena Villa. Each of these room of comfort and style has a flat screened television with surround system, a coffee and tea making machine, a dining room and a kitchenette for its De Luxe Rooms. Some of these coziest rooms have Jacuzzi bathtubs to make you more relaxed anytime of the day. Moreover, it has innovative Spa treatments which exceptionally promote a holistic well-being without reservations. Lastly, their complete and spacious entertainment venue will make you feel like a glamorous celebrity in your own right.

Truly, Thunderbird Resort in La Union is a one-stop tourist attraction which exudes the insignia of a vacation paradise that spells a major difference in everything that it proudly possesses; without thinking about anything else but your ultimate satisfaction.

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