The splendiferous tourism industry of the Philippines has always been the melting pot of this one-of a kind Southeast Asian territory. Aside from its job-generating companies and inventors which have remarkably boosted the economy with a 360-degree revolution, it has numerous socio-cultural advantages too. In lieu of this, Philippine Tourism has never forgotten its most versatile mechanisms on how to attract millions of tourists from different parts of the globe, to foster competitiveness and camaraderie among its neighbors and counterparts. As this travel article unravels another mystifying secret of Panay, Island, it is indeed very noteworthy to realize that everything that God has created tends to beautifully reflect the harmonious relationships between man and the ecosystem.

The vast and beautiful sea of Tibiao, Antique

The vast and beautiful sea of Tibiao, Antique.

One of it’s best examples is Tibiao, Antique. This is definitely a must see tourist spot which has been dubbed by many as the Eco Adventure in Panay that is easily accessible by land, regardless of whatever converging point you might have in mind. For many travel reviewers, this is the most spellbinding place to be in the Philippines. Generally, the accessibility factor of Tibiao, Antique is something which is so much admirable. For instance, the progressive municipality of Tibiao has several gateways to be able to have the most memorable personal glimpse of its finest attractions such as the Bugtong Bato Falls, Kawa Hot Bath, the artistic and incomparable economic benefits of Pottery and Brick Making industries and the likes. Along this line, these easy to reach geographic portals can be any of the following: Iloilo, Boracay or Caticlan and Kalibo. Apart from those captivating places and mind boggling adventures in the said glamorous province. This X-factor of the Tibiao is coupled by the fact that there other amazing charms in this fascinating cradle of Antique that you have to be with make your vacation more memorable. Firstly, the White River Kayaking is a sure hit recreational activity within the vastness and crystal clear aqua pura of Tibiao River. Aside from this awesome natural resource, this majestic province will grandiosely welcome each and everyone to its cool and adrenalin-pumping white water rafting that greatly features various grades based on different difficulty levels.

Tibia'os most thrilling water adventure.

Tibia’os most thrilling water adventure.

Among these are Grades 1 to 4, which can be briefly described as follows: The Grade 1 Level is just right for you, if you are willing to initially learn about the basic principles of kayaking which logically involves the do’s and don’ts of paddling a kayak in those blue and tranquil waters. Meanwhile, Level 2 talks about those kayaking aficionados who are willing to achieve a much higher level of exploring a kayak by swinging its paddle through those tumultuous rapids and huge stones. Last but not the least, Levels 3 and 4 are those more challenging modes of your aquatic study since it encompass the need for extremely professional students who genuinely wanted to define the word, adrenalin rush through their very own thrilling experience. For a more comprehensive description, ese kinds of aquatic crash courses strong and spine tingling currents will successfully surpass those big boulders and after which, the biggest trial will come your way; as soon as these kayaks become even more difficult to move. Despite of this very resolvable physical conflict, the alluring River of Tibiao e is perceived by millions of international and local voyagers alike as one of the most spectacular bodies of water in Western Visayas.

Conversely, it has been designated as the host of the First Kayaking International Cup which was proudly spearheaded by the men and women of Tibalo Adventures Incorporated, way back in the year 1997. Additionally, if any jetsetting traveler would ever dare to ask as to what is the second to none and most explosive topographical asset of Tibao River, the first thing that should come to your mind is its lush and virginal landscapes. Best of all, their travel itinerary to this empowering tourist spot will not be complete if they are not going to relax their tired and aching bodies in the therapeutic atmosphere of Bugtong Bato Falls. As an overview, these have seven intriguing tiered cascades. As for the estimated travel time to this enchanting place, it is more or less 20 minutes, depending on your endurance and inherent ingenuity. To get there, all you need to do is to use a foot trail via a well-conserved forest which is conveniently located in Barangay Tuno. Next in the roster of tourist attractions in Tibiao, is the Kawa Hot Bath. This special feature of your Tibiao vacation escapade provides travelers to bathe themselves in a large frying pan that is so much similar to a conventional jacuzzi. Undoubtedly, anyone who would eagerly indulge into this kind of a new and extraordinary bathing ritual will become undoubtedly healthier than ever before because their physical, emotional and psychological stresses will momentarily be things of the past. Thus, if some of you out there might wonder how these kawas look like simply use your creative imagination and begin to visualize that these frying pans are filled with warm water.

Prior to its impressive and prolific innovation of being a much cheaper version of Jacuzzi bath, these kitchen utensils were used in the preparation and cooking of mascuvado which is also known as organic brown sugar. Likewise, another healthy and invigorating place of interest is the Tibiao Fish Spa.

Kawa Hot Bath adventure in Tibiao,

Kawa Hot Bath adventure in Tibiao,

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be caressed and massaged by that little and cute school of fish? Yes, fish can also do the job of human masseurs with utmost excellence and proficiency. As a result, these humble underwater creatures are aptly called as Thera Fish. Now, are you ready for your own adventure here in Tibiao, Antique? Here’ how to get there.

Getting There

Ideally, the approximate duration of your travel time to Tibiao, Antique is roughly about 2 to 3 hours. That is, if you are going to use a private transportation from these points.- Iloilo City, Kalibo, Aklan and Boracay. Comparatively, those local commuters from the City of Iloilo can ride those buses which are going to Libertad, Antique. Lastly, those tourists who are coming from Caticlan should ride the same kind of transportation but it must lead towards a southward direction; thereby, going to San Jose de Buenavista, Antique.

Traversing the illustrious Philippine archipelago, is the most enjoyable and productive recreational activity that every Filipino must brag about. There is nothing like it, when you need to rejuvenate your weary souls and minds from all those pressing demands of city life. Tibiao, Antique is definitely a must see tourist destination because all of its marvelous adventures just like the colorful lives of the Filipinos. Vibrant, beautiful and inspiring.

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