Persons on wheels make everything possible. Nothing can ever beat the innate capabilities of those people regardless of time and space. This is to keep up with the changing times, by using those unique and genial faculties that they have been blessed with. But, what if those persons on wheels? are treated differently by their own peers and society? Will they be able to enjoy the blissfulness of life without being ostracized? This very inspiring blog about the varying survival techniques of those persons on wheels will open the minds of our readers, as to how these persons on wheels adapt to their respective environments which somehow make their lives even more complicated than ever before.

Persons in wheels must never be taken for granted by society because God created them in a special way

Persons in wheels must never be taken for granted by society because God created them in a special way.

During my free time, I was able to watch a local documentary in our country about those persons on wheels and how they are risking their precious lives in doing their daily chores at home, in the office or in any kind of place that they wanted to visit. In that heartwarming documentary, Jay Taruc had taken the toll on himself by confining himself on a wheelchair while his foot was heavily encapsulated in a cast for a couple of days. On the first part of that interesting documentary, which was entitled, “The Wheels of Life”, he perseveringly tried his best to go home by using only a wheelchair, his own will and sheer determination to finish what has to be done immediately. To begin with, the melancholic lives of persons on wheels are bitterly compounded with immeasurable sacrifices that are not too easy because in the “REAL WORLD”, the architectural structures are too dilapidated and worst of all; there are some buildings in the metropolis that do not safely comply with the primal requisites of those persons on wheels. Likewise, there are bridges which have railings but are not sturdy enough to ensure that those persons on wheels will not lose their balance and coordination while they are going up and down to these manmade stairs or bridges to do their personal stuffs be it at work or play.

Evidently, those persons on wheels have not been given due respect when it comes to their rights as noble citizens of their own country. For instance, many motorists do not have compassionate hearts in helping these persons on wheels to live their lives as normally as possible. For instance, there was a particular segment in that prestigious and award-winning documentary wherein the central figure of this popular television show will ride a jeepney from Cubao going to his destination. Along this juncture, I cannot help myself but to ask this question. “Why are normal individuals extremely cruel towards these special creations of the Maker? Are they not lucky enough because they are living with superb physical and emotional strengths?

These crucial questions in the life and times of persons on wheels are most of the time slowly killing them each single day. On the brighter side of life, God will never ever forsake those persons on wheels because His love, triumph and everlasting mercy to them are greater and more far reaching than their very own “Wheels of “Life”.

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