The heart of Baguio City is filled with so many thought-provoking places of interests that many people love to see and commune with, for quite sometime. In essence, the splendid City of Pines is a meaningful and expressive reflection of the rich and significant history and culture of the Philippines. Aside from the other well-known and magnificent tourist spots in the shivering City of Baguio, there is yet another destination that will surely be transformed it into something that is so unforgettable and timeless at the same time. Well, this is no other than but the Casa Vallejo in Baguio City.

The historical elegance of Casa Vallejo in Baguio City.

The historical elegance of Casa Vallejo in Baguio City.

Casa Vallejo is remarkably considered as one of the most ancient institutions which was eventually remodeled into a finest boutique hotel. It was momentously established in the year 1909. Strategically, its location is found at the vast and elegant landscape along Session Road which flawlessly signified the alluring beauty with an abundant cultural preponderance of the Philippines’ summer capital. Moreover, the democratic and modernized Era of the Americans was the primal theme and inspiration of this mysterious and eye-catching tourist attraction.

It is one of the fewest and ancient structures in Baguio, which had miraculously survived the terrors and tremors of World War II. Primarily, its X-factor is its onsite and relaxing restaurant along the Hill Station. As a result, most tourists in Baguio always make it a point to visit the globally-famed tourist hub whenever they would plan to spend their most enjoyable vacation in the Little America of the Philippine Islands. In addition, this lavish restaurant and hotel all rolled into one opens its doors to offer the most sumptuous cuisines which will satisfyingly gratify your delicate taste buds whenever you wanted to give yourself a new twist in Filipino and foreign dishes. While you are dining here, you will take the immeasurable pleasure in viewing the most engaging panoramic view that will definitely make each of your days, very special to look forward to. Likewise, tourists from across the globe will undoubtedly appreciate its Spa amenity that they have not experienced before.

Among its exemplary highlights is a one-stop book store with an eye catching name-The Mount Cloud Book Shop. Prior to its much needed architectural makeovers, due to the devastating destructions which were brought forth by the Second World War and the scary Baguio earthquake in 1990, the historical Casa Vallejo had 36-room accommodations. Along this line, these comfortable and marvelous hotel rooms were significantly reduced to 24. Simply because, its current developers had asked the opinion of their architect as to how this multifarious tourist attraction can be enhanced even more. As a result, each of their affordable room rates are now equipped with its own toilet and bath. Now, in order to preserve its antiquity and cultural prestige ita prime developer of which goes by the name of Roebling Corporation had used their Midas touch formula to officially start with its very scientific architectural metamorphosis.

Accordingly, its elegant hotel and restaurant had begun its renovation with the replacement of its old window panes with much safer hinges. Additionally, the deteriorating floors of Casa Vallejo Hotel were remodelled through the use of high-quality woods from those tall and revitalizing pine trees. Also, a new and more efficient drainage system was carefully constructed within its interior premises However, its roofs will stay the way they were as if nothing had changed all these years.

As far as the other architectural developments were concerned, it was further created into a colossal tourist hub when the geniuses behind its glorious resurrection had built a vintage and an American-inspired staircase which will be perfectly joined together to easily reach the bathrooms of this very fascinating tourist attraction in the northern section of the Philippines. Speaking of its state-of-the-art facilities and services, the most treasured tourist center of Baguio City exudes with pride and magnificence with these outrageous amenities which will make it a superb or a diamond-studded tourist spot for a lifetime. In a rundown, below are its user-friendly facilities that were innovatively conceptualized with an earnest hope and desire to become one of the most sought after hotels in the Philippines.


At Casa de Vallejo Hotel and Restaurant, there are several room accommodations that will never ever hurt your purse, despite of the inevitable economic meltdown in the Philippines. To keep up with the changing times, it has made certain that your stay will not be compromised at all with its cozy rooms that incredibly envisage the real persona of Baguio City, as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Choose from these quiet and revealing accommodations with a practical and wise mindset, to make your budget go a long, long way. It has the Standard Room, Honeymoon Room, De Luxe and Family Rooms respectively.


Meanwhile, the lowest rate of Casa Vallejo Baguio City’s accommodation is nonetheless the Standard Room which has a price tag of only Php 1,350 during those exciting promotional periods of Casa De Vallejo. On the other side of the story, the most expensive rate of accommodation in Casa Vallejo, City of Pines is the De Luxe Room at Php 3,330.

Facilities and Services

Wherever you are in the world, it gladly welcomes your entourage with the best facilities and services that ultimately guarantee your utmost satisfaction or your money back. Casa Vallejo hotel and restaurant speaks of its genuine and doable goals, missions and commitment by providing its growing clientele with these modern elements of human conveniences without reservations. This lavish restaurant in the City of Pines has:

  • An on-call housekeeping staff 24 hours a day
  • Reliable security service, day in day out
  • Breakfast Service
  • Free of charge parking area
  • Non- Smoking Areas
  • Bar and Lounge
  • Wi-Fi Service


For those travelers who wish to see this mystifying social hub in Session Road here is a comprehensive and detailed location map to make your journey much safer and hassle-free. Please log on to its official web site at

Getting There

Just in case some Manila residents do have private vehicles of their own, they must take the North Luzon Expressway, until they have gotten to Clark. Then, they must continue their journey via the SCTEX route. Conversely, they should keep their eyes on the road, and patiently wait until they have traveled the northern part of Tarlac City. From that point of origin, go back to the former Mc Arthur Highway which is located near the Rosario Junction in La Union. Similarly, other motorists can make use of these roads or routes to get them there at their final destination so easily.

The bewitching Casa Vallejo dearly symbolizes the eternal enigma of a towering architectural structure which had tenaciously stood and survived the test of time, like a soaring eagle which continues to fly way up high in the sky to be eternally free.

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