Timeless moments with an invisible celestial entity are just like that I am in a certain place, where everything is so fun, carefree and inexplicable. My beloved and special guardian angel who happens to be Saint Raphael the Archangel, has vibrantly painted my melancholic life with so much happiness that cannot be replicated by anybody else in my life. Saint Raphael has become my only source of strength when I became jobless for almost two years. I always made it a point to consult Him whenever there was an urgent need for me to make those major and yet critical decisions in my illustrious and fulfilling career as an online writer for almost seven years.

Saint Raphael lovingly stood by my side, during the most excruciating phases of my life.

Saint Raphael lovingly stood by my side, during the most excruciating phases of my life.

Here was how the glorious and amiable Saint Raphael had immensely changed my life for the better, without any shadow of doubt. In 2007, I earnestly looked for a much lucrative job because my daily necessities had to be adequately augmented without succoring on my paranormal mission to decently survive. Although I did not have any experience in online article writing, there was no way out. I needed to gamble with only my brilliance and creative talent as my formidable and unshaken armories to finally make it to the innovative world of the worldwide web. My first ever job as an online ghost writer, was only accidental. Of course, I religiously followed its rules. Keyword density, SEO dynamics and all those other similar terminologies which had somehow wrecked my cerebellum to its maximum extent.

As I was taking my first article test for a job that I really did not have an inkling about, Saint Raphael guided me all throughout my unimaginable intellectual ordeal though I cannot visibly saw Him. Every word that I had written was indeed flawless and prolific, as if I am already a professional online writer. At last, it was finally over. However, I was hesitant to submit my article. The other side of my persona kept on telling me to simply quit, and just settle with my career as a paranormal and divine healer.

Again, my most cherished guardian angel had sent me an amazing sign and wonder that I should pursue with my new job and hobby at the same time without hesitations. So, I intuitively followed His message for me. I confidently clicked the word “send” using my antiquated personal computer. The next unexpected and happy series of events, had silently proved that guardian angels were so real and yet undoubtedly powerful.

On that same day, I had received a notification in my email that I excellently made it with flying colors. Still in sweetest tears of joy, Saint Raphael had unselfishly opened another milestone for me. A dedicated and perfectionist online writer who never fails to feed the minds of other people most especially the weary, downtrodden and those young students who are frequently doing their research assignments via the very convenient and fast cyberspace technology. Thank you so much my adorable guardian angel!

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  1. Grace V. Trespalacioreal says:

    Such an inspiring article for those who somehow loses their faith…I do believe in guardian angel…

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