Having a healthy hair and skin helps improve the appearance and increase self esteem. This can also mean there is no need to spend money on expensive skin and hair treatment products to correct and cure damaged skin and locks. All you need to do is to take simple steps to clear up those skin breakouts and restore that healthy and shiny hair. Begin with eating healthy foods.

A healthy diet is necessary for both the hair and skin. You have to make sure that you diet contains fish oil because it works to protect and strengthen the hair to prevent hair loss. Incorporating fish oil in your diet can also help maintain good hair quality. It will help hair stay strong, shiny and durable.  It contains omega-3 that prevents skin aging by keeping it hydrated and keeps wrinkles away.  A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will give your body the important nutrients it needs. Remember that healthy hair and skin is a sign of a healthy body.

Always keep your skin and hair clean. Make it a habit to clean your face twice a day; wash hair depending on hair type. If you have a dry hair, washing it twice or thrice a week is recommended – oily hair needs to be washed every day. Be careful not to over cleanse both your hair and skin because you can dry them out. Use product brands that you trust. Do not experiment with skin and hair products as this can sometimes cause damage than improve their texture and look.

Tips for a Healthy Hair and Skin

Tips for a Healthy Hair and Skin

To keep your hair and skin healthy, moisturize. Choose a good moisturizer that is specific for your skin type. Using moisturizers that contain glycerine and lactic acid will help skin to retain its moisture. Ceramides and fatty acids in moisturizer helps soothe and soften skin while lanolin, seals in skin moisture. While many moisturizers can be used all over your body, it is wise to buy two different creams for the body and the face because face is more vulnerable to acne and breakouts than the body. It is also prone to sun damage and could be extra dry. For facial creams, it is best to use products with built in sun screen as they will protect it against  UVA and UVB rays.

Go for hair treatment at least once a week depending on what your hair and skin need. Hot oil treatment be it homemade or done in the salon is an inexpensive treatment with lots of benefits. It smoothen the cuticle, soften dry, rough hair, seals in moisture, and minimize split ends and tame frizzy hair. Scalp massage is also recommended to help improve blood circulation to the head and face as this promotes healthy hair growth. Using oil for scalp massage help get rid of dandruff and prevent it from recurring. For your skin, you can exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells; you can use tomatoes, yogurt, cucumber or olive oil as exfoliating agent.

Try to develop a healthy habit and stick to that habit to keep both your hair and skin healthy. You might want to include these practices in your habit too. Keep your hands and pillow cases clean so as not to transfer their dirt from your face. Trimming your hair every 4 to 6 weeks will help keep their ends looking good. Remember that a healthy skin and hair is a sign of good overall health. Skin and hair dryness, rashes, allergies and hair loss can be signs of health problem.

Knowing how your skin and hair normally looks and feel will help you notice changes that will help you gauge if it is time to go and consult your doctor.

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