Hair is said to be the crowning glory of every women. Wouldn’t it be nice if your daily routine is a beautiful and voluminous hair day? Hair can look healthier and shinier in any situation. Here are some tips for you to have that voluminous hair. Washing it daily stresses your hair out because you are washing away the oil in your scalp that makes your hair shiny and healthy.

A voluminous hair is a stand out,

A voluminous hair is a stand out,

This may also lead to oily hair, since you are stripping it of oils which causes its oil glands to go into an overdrive syndrome. Instead of washing your hair regularly, try doing it three or four times a week. Give your hair a break in between washings, to retain its balance and it will look healthier and vibrant than ever before. Wash it with cold water rather than with hot water. Simply because, it would be too harsh on your hair and it will lead to split ends and frizzes. Thus, cold water will help your hair shaft to close which results in shiny and bouncy hair. After you have washed your hair handle it gently to keep it voluminous. Do not wring or ball it up because this will destroy its shape and fibers.

A voluminous hair is fragile and needs to be treated with utmost care for it to stay healthy. After washing, gently pat it with a towel instead of wringing it and finish it by letting it dry in the air. A comb is more hair-friendly than a brush. Brushing causes your hair to rip and break resulting to tangles. It is ideal if you are going a wide toothed comb, to gently work it through the tangles is good to avoid hair breakage and to achieve a voluminous hair each day. In addition, you must always reserve in using your hair dryer, straightener, curling iron and those hot rollers for special occasions only. Applying heat to hair can badly damage it. So, it is better to let your hair dry naturally. Similarly, you can blow dry your hair but it should not be too often and use a cool setting. However, If you cannot avoid to use these hair-styling devices, do not forget to put some protective serum before you use them.

Did you know that commercial hair products often contain ingredients that can dry hair and leave it dull looking? So, you should switch to products which are made from natural herbs and oils as they tend to nourish your hair. Therefore, you will notice the result right away for a voluminous hair once you use natural hair care products. Likewise, shampoo which are made from strong cleansers can wash away its natural oils from your hair resulting to frizziness. To resolve, choose a shampoo made with natural herbs and oils. Also, use conditioners that are naturally-enriched with aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter and other natural substances to add more moisture to your hair and keep it looking healthy and fresh.

Meanwhile, chemicals in dyes, bleach and other permanent treatments can cause a lot of damage to our hair when frequently used. To restore your voluminous hair’s softness and shine, apply oil to hair roots and shaft twice a week. Oil can be used in place of a hair conditioner. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once every few weeks. You can put olive or almond oil into your hair and cover it with a shower cap or let the oil stay in your hair overnight. Rinse it out with cold water until the water runs clear. Then, shampoo and condition it thereafter. More so, eating a well- balanced diet with lots of protein, vitamin B, iron and omega-3s will help your hair to stay as thick and as healthy as possible. Vitamin B keeps hair thicker and strong while omega-3s will help keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Just as you always protect your skin and face from extreme temperatures, protect your hair from the same harmful elements. If you do not, it will dry up and become brittle in due time. Do not go outside during winter with wet hair. Lastly, do not expose your hair to chlorine. when swimming. You should wear a cap. These easy to read and follow tips will definitely give you a voluminous hair for a lifetime. Try applying these easy hair care tips now.

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