Does an autograph of a famous person be equated with a monetary remuneration? In the history of world sports, this was the very first time that a notable football player of NFL has been alleged of a certain amount in exchange of his priceless autograph. Tom Gurley is currently suspended for violating NCAA rules, according to verified accounts. Accordingly, Gurley was charging a minimal autograph fee ranging from $8 to $25. In essence, Gurley’s violation was not extensively revealed. Along this juncture, coach Mark Richt of Georgia has bluntly commented on this very controversial issue by saying,

I’m obviously very disappointed. The important thing for our team is to turn all our attention toward preparation for Missouri.

Football sensation Todd Gurley has been suspended by the University of Georgia for violating NCAA rules.

Football sensation Todd Gurley has been suspended by the University of Georgia for violating NCAA rules.

The James Spence Authentication has already authenticated at least 500 items, which had included 300 jerseys, mini helmets which were more than 30 pieces, more than 70 photographs, 10 baseballs and even those attractive Nike cleats. These were positively verified by the official website of JSA. In their sophisticated cyber portal a given purchaser should key in a specific serial number on the card provided, alongside with a chosen item and that merchandise should be matched with the corresponding authentication records. To date, those items with the following serial numbers had been proven to belong to Todd Gurley no more, no less. Meanwhile, all of these items were signed simultaneously and had been sent in by the same individual. On the contrary, it had not been proven yet as of this time as to whether or not there was a certain amount which had been received by Gurley.

Consequently, a suspension order was immediately issued against Tom Gurley. At the height of his illustrious career in football, the dashing star player of the Bulldogs had a total of 733 yards which had all been delivered by him with a kind of an adrenalin rush that seemed to overpower his team for the sake of winning. For every game, he used to have an average of 8.2 yards per carry against all odds. More so, he had done a total of 11 receptions and a 100-yard kickoff based on his very impressive football stats. From the very day that Todd Gurley had passionately fell in love with the sport that he became widely known for, he had proudly established him-self as a Heisman contender. Likewise, he had countless signatured game that no one can ever replicate. Among these were those incredible yards which were about 293- all purpose yards. This was during the open season game against the Clemson.

There was also a time when Todd Gurley had done a 163-yard run against Vanderbilt, which was held last week before the autograph scandal leaked online. Subsequently, will Todd Gurley bravely admit all these accusations against him? Let us all wait and see.

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