Sometimes, things do happen when you least expect them. This is perhaps the most painful realization of the gorgeous contract star of GMA 7, in the person of Tom Rodriguez, when he learned about the conviction of his co-star in the phenomenal TV series, My Destiny. He said that he was really shocked about the news. Surprisingly, he also presumed that it was another person who perhaps could be the namesake of the once promising dramatic actor and basketball player turned politician.

Tom Rodriguez says that Dennis Roldan is a gracious and warm person.

Tom Rodriguez says that Dennis Roldan is a gracious and warm person.

Dennis Roldan was recently convicted of a life sentence after he was proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt by a Philippine court. Tom Rodriguez said that he cannot believe those accusations at first because Dennis was so down to earth and too gracious too him, while they were working together in . In fact, they will always hug each other before saying goodbye every time they were taping their respective scenes of the said drama series. Despite of everything, he plans to visit the actor together with sitcom director Al Tantay after all his other showbiz commitments have been done. When it comes to heart matters, he never hesitated to admit that he is courting his female counterpart, Carla Abellana. In fact, he had made some poetic masterpieces to make his serious intentions known several months back after Abellana broke up with Geoff Eigenmann.

According to Rodriguez, he does not want to rush things when it comes to love. After all, everything will definitely fall into place at the right time. On the part of Carla, she sees nothing wrong if her loveteam in My Destiny will be her next beau in the future. Carla says it is very heartwarming of Tom Rodriguez to compose a poem for her because of this four-letter word, LOVE.

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