Tom Rodriguez Soon to Court Carla Abellana?

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The gorgeous and friendly actor of GMA-7, Tom Rodriguez does not discount the possibility of courting his beautiful co-star Carla Abellana. As to when this will happen, only time can tell. Currently, they are both busy with their regular primetime soap My Destiny. According to Rodriguez, all that matters for them now is the fact that they are enjoying each other’s company and their top-rating soap as well. When asked if he has definite plans of courting Carla for real, he only said that how he wish to do such a loving gesture. Further, he said in an interview.

I really enjoy her company so much. I’m happy seeing her and being in her company, when we’re at work, and I just really look forward to being around her.


Tom Rodriguez wishes to court Carla Abellana.

Tom Rodriguez wishes to court Carla Abellana.

Insofar as getting to know each other is concerned, Tom Rodriguez says that they are not actually dating. But, the right term to be used should be that they are frequently bonding on the set of My Destiny, whenever they have scheduled tapings. As we all know, Carla Abellana has recently broken up with her ex- boyfriend due to the complex issues of religion. In that case, there is no reason for Tom Rodriguez of not pursuing his intentions of courting the ever-charming Abellana. If at all that would ever happen, their fate and destiny when it comes to their very own romantic love story would have a welcoming development for both of them. This is all because they tend to have a harmonious chemistry on and off cam.

Given this kind of a once in a lifetime chance, Tom Rodriguez should not waste any time and opportunity to make everything to work to his advantage. As for Carla, it is perhaps much safer to say that she might have be having the rare opportunity to say that Love is indeed lovelier the second time around with nonetheless Tom Rodriguez no more, no less.

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