Good housekeeping is an integral part of our daily lives. There is no doubt that beautifying our homes is an X-factor that makes our humble abodes to standout from all the rest. But, we all come to a positive realization that cleanliness is next to Godliness, right? Therefore, we should critically analyze how clean our homes are. As such, there is a primal need for us to study how to further enhance them as well as keeping them germ-free.

A refrigerator top is one of the top secret places where germs hide,

A refrigerator top is one of the top secret places where germs hide,

To begin with, we must be aware of the fact in discovering where those top secret places are wherein harmful germs commonly hide. Having known this, you and your family will be totally illness-free to make them more productive and happy for the rest of their lives. In the subsequent paragraphs, here are the most prominent places where germs multiply without your knowing. Read on.

Top Places in Your Homes Where Germs Hide

Home experts have randomly enumerated where those harmful germs hide most of the time. Here are some of those places that you should clean more often.

  1. Refrigerator top– Since it is seldom cleaned regularly, there is no doubt that the deadliest germs will most definitely lurk on that particular part of your refrigerator.
  2. Plants– Houseplants are no exceptions from the multiplicity of germs, day in and day out. Although we are watering them everyday, moulds tend to develop within and on the external parts of the plants. Now, the best remedy to keep them germ-free is to wipe them with a damp and soft cloth. Do not overwater your plants to avoid moulds from increasing.
  3. Credit Cards– If you do think that your credit cards are spared from germs, don’t look now but it is not. After every use, wipe it with a small amount of alcohol and let it dry.
  4. Purses and Bags– Make use of a gentle detergent and wash your bags and purses thoroughly. Do not forget to wash the inner linings of these apparels.
  5. Blinds– Although we usually clean our blinds with soap and water, it is best that you should be able to determine the right kind of cleaner depending on the kind of blinds that you have. Like for instance, if you have metal blinds at home, it is best to make use of a multi-purpose cleaner.

The above mentioned top secret places where germs commonly hide should be of paramount importance so that our not so beautiful homes will become royal palaces in the most special ways.

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