Toyota Motor Philippines Hits 8000th Benchmark on Sales

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Some say, that the Philippine economy is getting worse each day. But, this seems to be untrue for the car industry in the country, In fact, Toyota Motors Philippines has sold its 8000th car unit last April for two consecutive months. Based on reliable CAMPI reports, TMP has proudly posted a 45 percent growth of shares after having successfully done the said unprecedented achievement. One of its top of the line vehicles is the Toyota Vios which has a total sales output of 1,982 units. On the other hand, the Toyota Wego came in second after it was able to make its 634th car unit sales. Last but not the least, the Inova series of TMP was said to have sold almost 1,200 and 1473 units respectively.

Toyota Vios, is one of the most highest- selling cars of Toyota Motors Philippines.

Toyota Vios, is one of the most highest- selling cars of Toyota Motors Philippines.

In an exclusive statement of Mr. Michinobu Sugata, the ever dependable president of Toyota Motors Philippines he said.

Reaching another 8,000 sales level in a single month is indeed a breakthrough for Toyota Motor Philippines. On behalf of TMP, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to our customers for their continued trust in all our products. Moreover, looking at how things are going, we expect this favourable trend to continue because of the positive economic outlook and demand for our new models such as the Yaris, Wigo, Innova and the Corolla Altis.

Now, that the car industry in the Philippines is perking up once again Toyota Motors Philippines is indeed back with a vengeance.

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