The prestigious and widely recognized University of Alabama and several residents of an all-female dorm was placed under distress when unknown bomb threats have hounded its temporary shelter for students which prompted for the immediate lockdown of the university for safety reasons, last Sunday night. For those students who are residing at the Tutwiler Hall, which is actually a woman’s residence hall which is situated at Tuscaloosa campus, they had already sent an urgent letter via an e-mail which contained about the quivering threat which can perhaps endanger the lives of many if this will be remained unresolved in due time. Meanwhile, the mysterious sender of the said alarming correspondence came from a pseudonym which is written as Authur Pendragon. This was based on the accounts of a certain Crimson White.

The University of Alabama was subjected to a partial lockdown due to bomb threats.

The University of Alabama was subjected to a partial lockdown due to bomb threats.

Originally, the threat which primarily concerns the University of Alabama was first posted on YouTube. However, the credibility of the said mind boggling danger is somehow subjected under a critical scrutiny but school authorities as well as its dorm owners are taking them too seriously. Meanwhile, the police authorities of the University of Alabama has received reports from armed men in Tutwiler which made them to expedite the action of locking those the dorm within the said area. After which, the police has conducted a critical search around the perimeters of the area for the sake of verification once and for all. Fortunately, there were no evidences about the bomb scare. According to statement which was released by the University of Alabama, it has posted something about the lockdown on Monday. In addition to this, the Associated Press in their reports had said.

The university says a parent notified a police agency about possible gunmen after hearing from a daughter who saw social media posts and heard it from fellow students. That agency contacted university police, prompting the search.

In other developments, a well-known website in the field of news reporting hsd said,

Campus police gave the all-clear around 11:50 p.m. Sunday.

Crimson White, the university’s official Gazette has bravely published the official text of the dubious bomb threat.

I have seen minorities suffer at the hands of those who think they are superior. This is my first message and I shall not say much. Take this the way you want; as a threat or whatever. All I know is that it will be a day when all that look at minorities with discussed shall remember. After this day, you shall appreciate every minority who walks on that campus.


I’ll be watching all frat parties and monitoring all of your events.

To calm the fear and tension at the University of Alabama and its dormitories, here is the full context

Many of you know that an alarming comment was posted on a YouTube recruitment video over the weekend. While we have no credible information at this point to determine whether this is a legitimate threat, The University of Alabama is taking this situation very seriously. Posting a terrorist threat is a crime and will be treated as such. UAPD is aggressively investigating to identify the individual(s) involved. Among other things, we have requested search warrants and are consulting with the FBI. This comment appears to have been the catalyst for the incident last night at Tutwiler. And the ongoing social media conversation continues to fuel rumors and speculation and generate additional inaccuracies.

In closing, the University of Alabama must be much stricter in the implementation of its policies as far as entering the said campus and dorms are concerned.

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