The glaring glamour of TriNoma Mall or colloquially referred to as “Triangle North of Manila”, is a huge shopping center in the progressive City of Quezon. Historically, the land on which it is currently erected is a vast real estate property that is proudly owned and modernly developed by Ayala Land. In addition, it was grandiosely opened to the general public in 2007. In terms of its very convenient location, TriNoma Mall is on the street side of EDSA.

TriNoma Mall.

TriNoma Mall.

Hence, it gives an extremely stiff market competition to an adjacent multi-million peso business venture of the same kind owned by a Filipino-Chinese mogul, Henry See. Moreover, TriNoma Mall is an ostentatious shopping hub that can be easily reached through its three major routes namely: EDSA, North Avenue and Mindanao Avenue Extension. To give you an overview of how it had gigantically blossomed into a much sought after mall in Greater Manila Area, the succeeding paragraphs will gladly trace back its humble beginnings which had only sprung from a deeply imaginative inception of both Filipino and foreign business magnates in the mall business arena R

Similarly, the conducive location of TriNoma Mall was a former site of the mass-oriented People’s Park. Actually, the latte is the one-stop shop flea market which was spearheaded by former Quezon City Mayor, Brigido Simon. It was an income-generating government project which was purposely constructed for the benefit of their city’s informal dwellers. Previously, that humongous and specific portion of land is being utilized as a public transportation portal and an outdoor pay parking space. Unfortunately, a closure order was lawfully ordered by ex-Mayor Ishmael Mathay, Jr. Accordingly, it was then deliberately undertaken to pave the way for the swift construction of an MRT -3 station. After several years, the multi-billion peso consortium of the MRT-3 had harmoniously conglomerated with another fast-rising business merger by multi-billion peso business firms such as Fil-Estate Holdings and the Ayala Land Group of Companies, respectively. In effect, they had unanimously decided to put into place a tremendous depot with an underground architectural framework; instead of a regular kind of terminal which was very much synonymous to that of the LRT-1, because of its numerous and overwhelming positive commercial advantages.

When MRT-3 had begun its successful operations in 1999 the pre-planned construction of the widely- popular Mall of TriNoma was not immediately accomplished. Simply because, of funding dilemmas. Therefore, the North Triangle Depot Commercial Corporation and Fil Estate had formidably combined together their simple and unique business dynamics to come up with a more motivating and goal-oriented Ayala Land, which will eventually assume itself as a minority stockholder.


TriNoma Mall has four major storeys. Two of these levels are minor ones. Architecturally, it is described with marvelous alfresco characterizations which are made even more beautiful with water-related features and awesome landscapes. Meanwhile, the fascinating water ornaments had gently flowed into the pools of the equally attractive TriNoma Park. This is the enigmatic well spring that can be outrageously found on top of the mall.

One of the many stores in TriNoma Mall.

One of the many stores in TriNoma Mall.

In the same manner, the posh Mall of TriNoma has dual parking spaces for their customers’ utmost satisfaction and convenience. It is aptly named as the North Avenue Parking Building and the Mindanao Parking Building, so to speak.

How To Get There

First and foremost, try to determine your nearest point of origin if you want to explore the exciting world of shopping conveniences. This is to avoid the hassles that go along with your once in a lifetime leisure and shopping sprees in the Philippines; which only TriNoma Mall has to offer. Like for instance, if you are a temporary or legal resident of Manila all you have to do is to follow these four easy steps:

  1. Go to EDSA Station directly and take a convenient ride inside an LRT mode of transport
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  3. Then, you must walk through the connecting conduits going to a terminal station which is nonetheless MRT-Taft
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  5. Ride an MRT that will take you all the way to the North Avenue terminal
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  7. The North Avenue terminal, will finally take you safe and sound directly to the very engaging Mall of TriNoma
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Go visit and explore what good life is all about at TriNoma Mall.

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