In life, there are circumstances which are unpredictable. But these unexpected happenings can make a person to be the best of who she is. This is the beautiful context of Dionisia Pacquiao, mother of boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. At long last, her boyfriend who secretly hides him-self as Michael Y, has assured her sweetheart and her family that money is not the very reason why he fell in love with somebody who is twice as his age.

Celebrity mom Dionisia Pacquiao and Michael Y are so happy together

Celebrity mom Dionisia Pacquiao and Michael Y are so happy together.

He said that it just came like a thief in the night and that was it. They met in a videke bar. From then on, their love story was written perhaps to be destined with one another. Indeed, true love sometimes never waits. According to Michael, if you really love each other true love should never wait and must be lovingly expressed without reservations. He said that he is a God fearing man and he can never be what others think of him. Michael Y says that somehow, he has wholeheartedly proven to the family of Mommy D. his purest intentions. By the way, their May-December love affair is already six months old. On the part of Mommy Dionisia, her happiness now can never be equated with anything else. Her life has never been this happy. Although Manny Pacquiao does not approve of it, he just wanted to wish her mom all the best. Thus, he wishes that she will make the right decisions as far as her love life is concerned.

True love’s sweetest essence is most of the time time doubted because of popularity and prestige. But, let us not forget that when a heart beats for someone it defies all odds without question. After all, celebrities are just like other human beings too.

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