The historical significance of religion in the Philippines, has turned out to be a pivotal equilibrium of social change, that has been there ever since that the Spaniards had set foot in this beholden Motherland of the Malayan Race. Thus, Philippine culture is envisioned as the resplendent alter ego of love and utmost perfection to a God whose love and mercy is eternally overflowing without question. Likewise, it clearly depicts the diverse and flexible adaptations of the Filipinos when it comes to a new and viable precepts of belief systems that make this sovereign nation totally different among others. In Pakil, Laguna, there is a festival which is being held yearly in honor of the Blessed Mother. This is known to many as Turumba Festival.

Turumbs Festival in Pakil, Laguna is a yearly celebration of absolute faith, love and sacrifice in honor of the Blessed Mother.

Turumbs Festival in Pakil, Laguna is a yearly celebration of absolute faith, love and sacrifice in honor of the Blessed Mother.

Moreover, the momentous Turumba Festival is remarkably commemorated every time the summer months of April and May set in. What is specifically remembered in this outrageous occasion of the Catholic faithful? Above anything else, the so-called “Seven Sorrows” of Mother Mary is the main highlight of this historical gathering of different people, the world over. As far as the major difference of this festivity is concerned, it is no other than but the odd reality that it is being remembered for about seven times in a year, before the advent of April and May respectively. On the other hand, its seventh celebration exactly falls on the Day of Pentecost.

Historically, this much awaited Turumba Festival all started when a throng of fishermen suddenly saw a beautiful picture of the Virgin Mary during the 18th century. It was unbelievably included in a net of those humble fishermen who at that very moment were praying for a day’s bounty. From that point in time, a unanimous consensus was finally reached. This miraculous image will be brought to the village’s nearest church that they will first find. However, the Holy image that was sacredly revered by many in the Turumba Festival got heavier like tons of steels. As a result, people from the various parts of the province began to investigate about the indescribable heaviness of the mystifying image.

A few minutes later, a member of the Roman Catholic Church had arrived to ask the crowed to pay homage to the Blessed Mother. Due to the powerful and convincing words of the priest, the early natives of Pakil, Laguna and the rest of the world had began to enjoin the whole Christendom in acknowledging the love and mercy of Christ’s Mother through the endless singing of joyful praises while all the other loyal believers of Mother Mary were dancing without end. From then on, the word Turumba was colloquially coined in reference to their unique dance moves to sacredly honor the Blessed Mother, till the end of time.

Overall, the magnificence and grandiosity of Turumba Festival is really universally unique. Therefore, it is one of the most gaiety and humongous festivals ever-recorded in Philippine history.

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