Love and marriage are two synonymous things that eternally define a kind of commitment that has to be tested with loyalty no matter what happens. But, how can a married man resist an inevitable temptation if he thinks that he feels that true love knocks at his heart for the second time around notwithstanding the existence of a legally binding marriage? This is the story plot of a primetime teleseries over GMA-7. This is aptly titled, The Two Mrs Reals. In the story, Anthony Real, Jr, who is being portrayed by dramatic actor Dingdong Dantes who works as an engineer in a company that is being owned and operated by his father-in-law.

Two Mrs. Reals, stars Maricel Soriano, Lovi Poe and Dingdong Dantes

Two Mrs. Reals, stars Maricel Soriano, Lovi Poe and Dingdong Dantes.

He is happily married to Milet, played by Maricel Soriano who loved his husband very much, despite of their huge age gap. They had a son named Tonton who happens to be a special child. As years passed by, Anthony was assigned in Cebu by his boss to look after a big project. But, something happened so fast that can be categorically classified as a game of fate and destiny. He met another lady who happens to be the daughter of a police officer. Her name is Sheila, played by Lovi Poe. To cut the story short, Anthony was smitten by Shiela in an unexpected time and place. This will eventually cause him a lot because he got the girl pregnant. As Shiela was born to a conservative family, Anthony was forced to marry her despite of the fact that he is very much married to Milet.

As expected, Anthony married Shiela to save them both from disgrace. Of course, there was a point in this very complicated storyline wherein Anthony’s parents have already discovered the hidden secrets of their son. Out of their deep love for him, they had bitterly consented about the second marriage of Anthony. As far as these two women were concerned, they were extremely clueless about their respective fates once they have already found out that there are two Mrs. Reals in the coming weeks. Whom will Anthony finally choose, is too premature to tell. Watch out for the continuing saga of this thrilling love story and see how a man demonstrates the saying that All is fair in love and war.

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