Tyler the Creator Cherry Bomb Five Different Album Covers

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Tyler the Creator shared on Instagram Cherry Bomb that features five different album covers. He alerted fans that he was rush-releasing his new album Cherry Bomb, the Odd Future rapper’s third studio LP arrived on iTunes and streaming services.

“Look, get 12 bucks, go to Ralph’s or a grocery store, purchase a $10 iTunes gift card, go on iTunes, look for Cherry Bomb. Puppies won’t die,” Tyler tweeted.

Physical copies of Tyler the Creator Cherry Bomb will arrive April 28, 2015.

Tyler the creator Cherry Bomb

Tyler the Creator Cherry Bomb features five different album covers.

Cherry Bomb feature a multitude of guest, but none of his fellow Odd Future members appear for the first time on a Tyler album – but the rapper did manage to secure a few high-profile cameos: Kanye West and Lil Wayne both stop by for “Smuckers,” Schoolboy Q lends a verse to “The Brownstains” and Pharrell Williams – one of Tyler’s idols whose side project N.E.R.D. inspired Cherry Bomb’s sound – appears on the experimental, Clipse-quoting “Keep Da O’s.” The Gap Band’s Charlie Wilson and the Black Lips’ Cole Alexander also feature on first single “Fucking Young / Perfect.”

Tyler cited artist Stevie Wonder as his inspiration for the album. Associate editor of The Fader, Matthew Trammel, reported that the album would feature Tyler lyrically tackling many current social issues. Trammel noted that “[Tyler] offers up heavy-handed indictments of gang culture and rapper consumerism, calling them detrimental not just to the progress of his race, but to humanity as a whole”.

On April 9, 2015, after announcing his Golf Media app and Golf Magazine, Tyler released a music video of the song “Fucking Young” on the app, as well as YouTube. Cherry Bomb later appeared on the iTunes Store with two tracks available for download before the album’s release. The “Fucking Young” video contained snippets of both songs and formally announced a release date of April 13, 2015, along with two album covers. He announced on Twitter that Cherry Bomb would receive a physical release two weeks after its digital release and would have five different album covers.

As soon as Cherry Bomb hit iTunes at midnight, Tyler, the Creator started tweeting about the album. “I am very happy that I am responsible for getting [“Smuckers”] that from Wayne and Ye… I got the era of them that I like yup“, Tyler tweeted. “I actually wrote a small article on how I hated Wayne for a few months for Golf Magazine, it’s sick hahaha“.

Tyler punctuated his big weekend with a triumphant Coachella performance where he called out the star-studded VIP section as “soft” and “boring” in front of thousands of fans and, after locating Kendall Jenner in the crowd, said “Fuck you.” After the dis, Tyler tweeted at Kendall, “People really think I hate you love hahahah“.


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