The voluminous cases of HIV is on the rise in Uganda, as its fishermen from nearby towns and coasts are having a good time inside those sex dens and nightclubs where the dreaded AIDS plague is currently on the loose. According to reliable sources, these fishermen are spending their free time inside these hot spots almost six times a week on the average. Likewise, this particular Third World country is now at 43% high in terms of the documented cases of AIDS. To translate, the said alarming statistics do positively indicate that it has to be resolved as soon as possible. Furthermore, health authorities has just recently said that he fishing communities along the lakeshore are the places with the highest HIV prevalence rates in the country. On the part of these fishermen, one of them has strongly defended their newest form of recreation, by saying, one day my boat will overturn and I will die. Therefore there’s no need to be scared of HIV, it will take several years to kill me.

In a faraway place like Kansesero, which is categorically classified as a fishing port near the Tanzanian border is believed to be the first ever territory in Uganda where the AIDS plague has been accounted for during the circa of the 1980’s. As far as the main causative factor of this health menace is concerned, it is said that it is more or less due to the stable source of income of these hardworking men at sea. Also, the high prevalence of AIDS plague is being closely attributed to the sex workers’ presence whenever the peak season of fishing is fast approaching.

These fishermen spend their leisure hours inside sex dens and nightclubs after a hard day's work.

These fishermen spend their leisure hours inside sex dens and nightclubs after a hard day’s work.

Rate wise, these helpless victims of HIV can have sex with the woman of their choice for as low as two dollars which is equivalent to 1.5 euros. Along this juncture, a bankable sex worker has an average of five clients a day. Meanwhile, some of these gorgeous women do not allow their clients to wear condoms because a sex worker once said.

A friend of mine had sex with a man and when she took the condom off the man was bleeding.

The AIDS plague in Uganda is just like a thief in the night. We do not know when it’s going to strike back. Therefore, the only way to protect these fishermen is to have an effective awareness campaign about this deadly sexually transmitted disease for the sake of their beloved wives and children respectively.

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