The powerful and dynamic Ukraine contingent have taken over Donetsk Airport, as they are struggling it out with those defiant supporters of Russian rebels in the eastern section of Ukraine’s city. Based from the direct statement of a Ukrainian official, who goes by the name of Vladislav Seleznev he has this to say:

The active stage of the counter-terrorist operation continues. The government is now at full control of the airport and the road leading to it.

Meanwhile, there were two casualties reported that was brought about the violence which had suddenly erupted in the city of Donetsk. This tragic was immediately conveyed by the Donetsk City Council in a comprehensive online report. As this developed, citizens and residents were advised not to leave their humble homes as conflict escalate. In other related stories, a reliable source have said.

The bus station is closed. Car movement is limited. A nine-story residential building at the train station area has been damaged. A market outside the train station caught on fire as the result of artillery fire. Still, the train station is working.

The dynamic Ukraine contingent has taken control of Donetsk Airport after a series of violence has erupted.

The dynamic Ukraine contingent has taken control of Donetsk Airport after a series of violence has erupted.

Location wise, Donetsk Airport is located on the western section of Ukraine where the fateful Boeing 777 had crashed when it was deliberately shot by alleged terrorists last Thursday and it bitterly claimed 298 lives. In lieu of this tragic incident, the United States government has casted its blame on a Russian-made and surface-to-air-missile from the vast territory of the so-called pro-Russians.

On the other hand, the Russians buck passed the said unfortunate incident to the ongoing military operation against those wide-scaled insurgents who might have been lurking in the territory due to ideological differences. According to a self-confessed rebel who calls him-self as the Prime Minister, he has shockingly revealed that the plane was indeed shot down. However, their camp was not responsible for the said worst nightmare in the history of global aviation. He even said that his comrades do not have the necessary and adequate armaments successfully launch such a devastating aerial attack.

Given this kind of an inevitable scenario, the noble Ukraine contingent must have the most sophisticated surveillance team to be able track down these merciless perpetrators for good.

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