The chaotic and disturbing wars between countries have become extremely sophisticated, when it comes to their very own psychological warfare. Today, Taliban forces have learned to create those dubious and yet destructible undetectable bombs. These are aptly referred to as the improvised explosive devices or otherwise known as IED’s. By nature, these are said to be as undetectable because these have no electronic or metal components according to the initial findings of bomb experts. Ultimately, these kinds of lethal explosives are one of the deadliest war weapons of the Talibans.

Osama Bin Laden

Terrorists’ leaders like Osama Bin Laden spend millions of dollars just to make these lethal and undetectable bombs.

As these ultra- modern forms of ammunition had been subjected to some sort of pilot testings, there were actually five coalitions which had been declared as casualties in Afghanistan. Generally, these extremely concealed bombs are made out of wood. This was according to Chris Hunter, a former bomb disposal expert who had been previously involved in the service of Iraq. Accordingly, Hunter briefly explained.

The expertise for this new generation of bombs is likely to be coming from foreign fighters from places such as Chechnya. But they are being mass produced in Pakistan and are being wheeled out on an industrial level. You see them everywhere.

Meanwhile, the actual number of improvised explosive devices have been dramatically increased to 400 percent wayback in 2007. As a result, the total number of casualties had soared almost to 700 percent, as disclosed by the Homeland Security Market Research.

In these days of uncertainties, terrorist groups such as the Talibans are passionately engaged in destructing the harmonious balance between man nature by these undetectable bombs which are gravely threatening the national security of any country across the globe.

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