A man’s virility connotes machismo and sometimes, it is one of the most important barometers for his sense of emotional security. Therefore, men must have an active and happy sex life, even in their twilight years. But of course, as years passed a sudden incidence of an erectile dysfunction can make his self-esteem low most of the time. In its scientific definition, it is a disorder which is caused by an unbalanced hormonal system in a man’s sacred body.

Among the most common causes of this sexual problem is stress. Little die many men knew, that it can happen at times but it must not be too frequent. Thus, this is also triggered by emotional attachment dilemmas which must be addressed by a health professional in the soonest time possible. However, experts say that this is not the only cause of sexual problems in men. There are other areas of a man’s sexual health which should be taken into consideration like: Premature ejaculation, absent or even delayed ejacullation and his loss of interest in those matters relating to sexual intimacy. Based on significant statistical data and scientific studies, it is estimated that about 30 million Americans are experiencing this kind of a personal dilemma for several years.


Many Chinese doctors and herbalists say that panex ginseng is one of the best cures for erectile dysfunction.

Commonly, those males who are 75 and above have this kind of dysfunction although they are not aware of it. In case that you are totally clueless about this disturbing medical condition, your husband penile artery might be damaged and so an erection is no longer achieved. Accordingly, some of the triggering factors of ED are: Smoking, diabetes, anxiety, too much alcohol intake and drug use to name a few. To resolve, there are numerous and potent cures for erectile dysfunction which can help you a lot in having a gratifying and healthy sex life. These can be any of the following: Korean ginseng, B- vitamin complex, Damiana leaf, magnesium, L-arginine, Ginger root, garlic and turmeric among others. To describe each one of them, read on the subsequent sections of this very enlightening article.

For instance, a Korean ginseng extract makes your body relieved from stress and it is much easier to have an erection. To use, you can at least drink two cups day. Also, you must have a daily supplement of B-vitamins complex to promote and maintain your nerves as healthy as they were before. Meanwhile, a powerful Damiana leaf has aphrodisiac properties which increases a person’s sex drives. Likewise, a daily dose of magnesium and calcium will lessen the incidence of an erectile dysfunction. Have you ever heard of L-arginine? This is an amino acid which increases blood flow in and around your penile area.

Hence, an improved blood circulation is effectively provided by a ginger root. In the same manner, an ounce of raw garlic can enhance a problem-free blood circulation. Last but not the least, if you are going to add some turmeric in your daily diet, those blocked arteries in your penis will open up and your erectile dysfunction will gradually disappear. Erectile dysfunction is not a long standing health problem. All you need to do is a healthy diet, self- discipline and exercise to restore your vitality with your loving spouse.

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