The glamorous fashion statements of those distinguished people who have graciously attended the fifth State of the Nation address of President Aquino have clearly depicted the grandiose lifestyles of the selected few who have somehow ironically described the huge and inevitable discrepancies between the rich and the poor classes of society. Apart from all of these, there were also those hecklers who have taunted the funny but unique fashion statement of Senator Binay, who proudly wore a wore a gown that was somehow inspired by the recently concluded World Cup. According to seemingly fashionable netizen,

Tell her the World Cup is over and that Brazil lost. Time to return its flag.

Senator Binay's outfit (far left), SONA 2014.

Senator Binay’s outfit (far left), SONA 2014.

This sarcastic an bitter comment was in allusion to the color and style of Senator Binay’s gown. Descriptively, the said elegant grown was a combination of both yellow and green colored panels of her very simple outfit during yesterday’s SONA of the President. Likewise, her much criticized out fit was fully built with a hot air balloon and the likes. According to those spectators with strict fashion senses, Senator Nancy Binay looked like a Korean mascot according to reliable sources ad his annoying fashion critics. Although she was always labeled with a poor fashion sense, she has remained unfazed by her critics for as long as she is doing the right thing for the Filipino people. For her, this should be given a paramount importance than among other during her term as a Filipino senator. As a lawmaker, she had made prominent laws in relation to the health and well-being of women and their children.

Also, Senator Binay had batted for the passing of a law that has something to do about food security most specially of the poorest of the poor.

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